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Singularity Theory and Applications to Wave Propagation and Dynamical Systems

25th September 2000 to 29th September 2000

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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Singularity Theory

July to December 2000

Organisers: VI Arnold (Moscow and Parix IX), JW Bruce (Liverpool), V Goryunov (Liverpool), D Siersma (Utrecht)

A Newton Institute Workshop


25 September - 29 September 2000

Organisers: RM Roberts (Warwick); VM Zakalyukin (Moscow State Aviation Institute)



1 Singularities in Symplectic and contact spaces:Caustics and wavefronts, shock-waves, Hamilton-Jacobi equation, Lagrangian intersections, Legendre knots

2 Applications to control theory and differential equations, game theory. Singularities in subriemannian geometry, optimization, Pfaffian systems.

3 Singularities of momentum maps, energy-momentum maps and integrable Hamiltonian systems. Monodromy in Hamiltonian systems, applications to physics.

4 Bifurcations of (relative) equilibria of Hamiltonian systems and time-reversible equivariant dynamical systems. Singularity theory and KAM theory.

Possible participants:

AA Agrachev; IA Bogaevski; AA Bolibroukh; H Broer; P-L Buono; M Chaperon; YV Chekanov; ES Codesal; R Cushman; AA Davydov; E Ferrand; P Gauthier; JB Goncalves; I Hoveijn; G Ishikawa; S Isumiya; S Janeszko; ME Kazarian; IN Kozin; B Kruglikov; JSW Lamb; D Lewis; J Montaldi; NN Nekhoroshev; M van Noort; MC Romero-Fuster; D Sadovskii; L Sbano; VD Sedykh; B Shapiro; P Simon; T Tokieda; C Wulff; B Zhilinskii; M Zhitomirski; R Uribe.

Location and Costs:

The conference will take place at the Newton Institute and accommodation for participants will be provided in single study bedrooms at Wolfson Court, a hall of residence adjacent to the Institute. The conference package costs £250, which includes registration fee, accommodation, breakfast and dinner from dinner on Sunday 24 September until breakfast on Friday 29 September, and lunches and refreshments on the days that lectures take place. Limited financial support may be available. The conference will be restricted to about 50 participants.

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