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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers and how to acknowledge INI.

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Authors Title Attachments
V Mitev; T Quella; V Schomerus Principal chiral model on superspheres PDF icon ni09007.pdf
N Evans; E Threlfall Mesonic quasinormal modes of the Sakai-Sugimoto model at high temperature PDF icon ni08006.pdf
L Del Debbio; MT Frandsen; H Panagopoulos; F Sannino Higher representations on the lattice: perturbative studies PDF icon ni08005.pdf
D Forcella; A Hanany; Y-H He; A Zaffaroni Mastering the master space PDF icon ni08001.pdf
M Cirafici; A Sinkovics; RJ Szabo Cohomological gauge theory, quiver matrix models and Donaldson-Thomas theory PDF icon ni08016.pdf
G D'Apollonio; T Quella The diagonal cosets of the Heisenberg Group PDF icon ni08011.pdf
K Zarembo Quantum giant magnons PDF icon ni08008.pdf
T Quella; V Schomerus; T Creutzig Boundary spectra in superspace sigma-models PDF icon ni08004.pdf
RA Janik; M Trzetrzelewski Supergravitations from one loop perturbative $N$ = 4 SYM PDF icon ni08003.pdf
P Benincasa; A Buchel; MP Heller; RA Janik On the supergravity description of boost invariant conformal plasma at strong coupling PDF icon ni08002.pdf
Y Burnier; M Laine; M Vepsäläinen Heavy quarkonium in any channel in resummed hot QCD PDF icon ni07098.pdf
S Bhattacharyya; VE Hubeny; S Minwalla; M Rangamani Nonlinear fluid dynamics from gravity PDF icon ni07097.pdf
R Roiban; AA Tseytlin Spinning superstrings at 2-loops: strong-coupling corrections to dimensions of large-twist SYM operators PDF icon ni07095.pdf
O Aharony; K Peeters; J Sonnenschein; M Zamaklar Rho meson condensation at finite isospin chemical potential in a holographic model for QCD PDF icon ni07094.pdf
M Grigoriev; AA Tseytlin Pohlmeyer reduction of $AdS$$_5$ x $S^5$ superstring sigma model PDF icon ni07093.pdf
L Del Debbio; B Lucini; A Patella; C Pica Quenched mesonic spectrum at large $N$ PDF icon ni07089.pdf
A Mikhailov; S Schäfer-Nameki Algebra of transfer-matrices and Yang-Baxter equations on the string worldsheet in $AdS$$_5$ x $S$$^5$ PDF icon ni07085.pdf
R Ricci; AA Tseytlin; M Wolf On T-duality and integrability for strings on AdS backgrounds PDF icon ni07083.pdf
DE Berenstein; SA Hartnoll Strings on conifolds from strong coupling dynamics: quantitative results PDF icon ni07076.pdf
C Chamon; C Hou; R Jackiw; C Mudry; S Pi; et al Electron fractionalization for two-dimensional Dirac fermions PDF icon ni07074.pdf
J Bagger; N Lambert Gauge symmetry and supersymmetry of multiple M2-branes PDF icon ni07073.pdf
S Hands; P Sitch; JI Skullerud Hadron spectrum in a two-colour baryon-rich medium PDF icon ni07069.pdf
G Akemann; PH Damgaard Determination of $ {\it F_\pi} $ from distributions of Dirac operator eigenvalues with imaginary density PDF icon ni07061.pdf
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