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Exploring QCD: Deconfinement, Extreme Environments and Holography

20th August 2007 to 24th August 2007

Organisers: Nick Evans (Southampton), Simon Hands (Swansea) and Mike Teper (Oxford)

Workshop Theme

QCD is the accepted theory of the strong interaction, but fundamental questions remain unanswered, eg. the dynamics behind the confinement of color and generation of a mass gap; the behaviour of the spectrum as either temperature is raised, or the number of colors or supersymmetries is varied; the ground state of matter at high baryon density.

Interest in these questions is as topical now as at any time in the last 25 years, driven by the heavy-ion collision experimental programmes at RHIC and LHC; the advent of Teraflop-scale computer resources enabling systematic and quantitative approach to QCD beyond perturbation theory; and dramatic theoretical progress in non-perturbative gauge theory exploiting a conjectured duality between gauge theory and gravity, which promises to fulfil a longstanding dream of finding a theoretical description of the QCD string.

The workshop's aim is to initiate and sustain a dialogue between different communities of researchers, with the aim both of reviewing and communicating progress, and of suggesting new and fruitful directions for collaborative exploration.

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