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Gauge Fields and Strings

17th September 2007 to 27th September 2007

School Organiser: David Tong (Cambridge)

Theme of School

The past decade has seen an explosion of activity in the interface between gauge theory and string theory, spurred by the celebrated AdS/CFT correspondence. Gravitational techniques now play a key role in our understanding of strongly coupled phenomena in four dimensional quantum field theories. The applications to QCD are becoming increasingly broad and now include aspects of hadron spectroscopy and matter at high densities.

This school is aimed at graduate students and young researchers. It will include both introductory and advanced lectures. Each speaker will give a course of 3-4 lectures.

Lecture topics include: Supersymmetric Gauge Theories, Supersymmetry Breaking, Introduction to AdS/CFT, QCD Strings from the Lattice, String Theory and QCD, Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions, Black Holes in Yang-Mills Theories, D-Brane Dynamics and Gauge Theories, Integrability in N=4 Super Yang Mills

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