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Integrability and the Gauge/String Correspondence

10th December 2007 to 14th December 2007

Scientific Organising Committee: Nick Dorey (Cambridge), Niall MacKay (York), Arkady Tseytlin (Imperial) and Konstantin Zarembo (Uppsala)

Workshop Theme

In the last few years integrability has been central to some significant progress in the gauge/string correspondence. On the string side, classical strings have been described using integrable systems, while the quantum implications of the symmetries of the full AdS5 x S5 string are only beginning to be understood. On the gauge side, the correspondence between operator dimensions and spin chains is proving to be enormously powerful. Integrability has also been of increasing importance in gauge theories with less supersymmetry. This workshop brings together experts both in integrable models and techniques and in their applications to gauge fields and strings, to survey recent progress and explore likely future directions.

co-sponsored by

Institute of Physics Mathematical and Theoretical Physics group

University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
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