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Participants (SNAW04)

Note: This list may not include "Theoretical foundations for statistical network analysis" programme participants whose visits coincide with the workshop.

E.g., 2018-03-18
E.g., 2018-03-18
Name Home Institution Visit Dates
John Aston  University of Cambridge 11 July to 21 December
lamiae azizi  The University of Sydney 12 December to 16 December
Frank Granville Ball University of Nottingham 29 November to 21 December
Thomas Bartlett University College London 12 December to 16 December
Danielle Bassett  University of Pennsylvania 12 December to 17 December
Mohamed-Ali Belabbas University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 4 November to 21 December
Bela Bollobas University of Cambridge 11 July to 21 December
Pierre Borgnat  ENS - Lyon; CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique) 13 December to 17 December
Christian Borgs Microsoft Research 11 December to 15 December
Creagh Briercliffe  University of British Columbia 11 December to 17 December
Tom Britton  Stockholm University 11 December to 15 December
Jennifer Chayes Microsoft Research 11 December to 15 December
Codina Cotar University College London 15 December to 16 December
Harry Crane  Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 11 December to 16 December
Maria Deijfen 12 December to 16 December
Abeer ElBahrawy City University, London 12 December to 16 December
Patrick Flandrin  ENS - Lyon 15 November to 20 December
Fengnan Gao  Universiteit Leiden 11 December to 16 December
Zhaoxing Gao London School of Economics 12 December to 16 December
Yulia Gel University of Texas at Dallas; University of Waterloo 11 July to 21 December
Sharad Goel  Stanford University 14 December to 17 December
Susan Holmes  Stanford University 10 December to 15 December
Valerie Isham  University College London 11 December to 16 December
Jeanette Janssen  Dalhousie University 11 December to 16 December
Lorien Jasny  University of Exeter 12 December to 16 December
Frank Kelly  University of Cambridge 11 July to 21 December
Eric Kolaczyk Boston University 11 December to 16 December
Pavel Krivitsky  University of Wollongong Australia 11 December to 17 December
KaYin Leung  Stockholm University 11 December to 16 December
Lea Longepierre Université Pierre & Marie Curie-Paris VI 11 December to 17 December
Matthew Ludkin  Lancaster University 11 December to 17 December
Gábor Lugosi  Universitat Pompeu Fabra 11 December to 17 December
Johannes Lutzeyer Imperial College London 11 December to 17 December
Enno Mammen Universität Heidelberg 10 December to 17 December
Catherine Matias  CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique); Université Pierre & Marie Curie-Paris VI 12 December to 18 December
George Michailidis  University of Florida 11 December to 17 December
Peter Mörters University of Bath 14 December to 15 December
Nynke Niezink University of Groningen 12 December to 16 December
Andrew Nobel University of North Carolina 11 December to 17 December
Matt Nunes Lancaster University 11 December to 16 December
Sofia Olhede  University College London 24 August to 17 December
Peter Orbanz Columbia University 24 September to 19 December
Juhyun park  Lancaster University - Mathematics and Statistic Dept. 1 December to 17 December
Marianna Pensky  University of Central Florida 12 December to 16 December
Carey Priebe Johns Hopkins University 11 July to 17 December
Miklos Racz  Microsoft Research 11 December to 17 December
Sidney Resnick  Cornell University 11 December to 15 December
Stéphane Robin  INRA - Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique 11 December to 15 December
Sandipan Roy  University College London 12 December to 16 December
Kayvan Sadeghi 11 July to 16 December
Richard Samworth  University of Cambridge 11 July to 21 December
Ruben Sanchez-Garcia University of Southampton 11 December to 16 December
Cosma Shalizi  Carnegie Mellon University; Santa Fe Institute 11 December to 16 December
David Sirl University of Nottingham 12 December to 21 December
Tom Snijders  University of Groningen; University of Oxford 11 December to 15 December
Perla Sousi University of Cambridge 1 August to 21 December
Despina Stasi  Illinois Institute of Technology 11 December to 18 December
Kathryn Turnbull Lancaster University 11 December to 17 December
Aad Willem van der Vaart  Universiteit Leiden 11 December to 16 December
Veronica Vinciotti Brunel University 11 December to 16 December
Hanna Wallach  Microsoft Research 12 December to 16 December
Lutz Warnke  University of Cambridge; Georgia Institute of Technology 11 July to 21 December
Ernst Wit  University of Groningen 11 December to 16 December
Patrick Wolfe University College London 11 July to 21 December
Yi Yu  University of Cambridge; University of Bristol 12 December to 16 December
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