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Spectral Theory and its Applications

24th July 2006 to 28th July 2006

Organisers: Professor M. van den Berg (Bristol), Professor B. Helffer (Orsay), Professor A. Laptev (KTH, Stockholm) and Professor A. Sobolev (Birmingham)

Workshop Theme

Spectral Theory is a vast area of research bringing together different parts of Mathematics and Physics. In Mathematics it is Spectral Geometry, which links spectral properties of elliptic operators and related properties of parabolic operators to the geometry and topology of the underlying manifold. In Physics methods of Spectral Theory are instrumental in the study of many fundamental results in solid states physics, statistical physics, quantum mechanics and large particle systems.

The aim of the Workshop is to emphasize the multidisciplinary character of research in this area by bringing together experts working on different aspects of Spectral Theory, and by inciting close collaboration between different groups.

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