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Posters (SYGW05)

 Taming the pseudoholomorphic beasts in R × ( S 1 × S 2 )

Seiberg-Witten invariants are well-defined for suitable closed 4-manifolds. If such a manifold admits a symplectic structure, these invariants are equal to well-defined counts of pseudoholomorphic curves (Taubes’ Gromov invariants). In the absence of a symplectic form there are still nontrivial closed self-dual 2-forms which vanish along a disjoint union of circles and are symplectic elsewhere. This work describes well-defined counts of  pseudoholomorphic curves in the complement of the zero-set of such “near-symplectic” forms, which recover the Seiberg-Witten invariants

Aleksy Tralle ()
 Homology Smale-Barden Manifolds with K-Contact and Sasakian Structures
University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
    Clay Mathematics Institute London Mathematical Society NM Rothschild and Sons