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Quantised Flux in Tightly Knotted and Linked Systems

3rd December 2012 to 7th December 2012

International Scientific Committee: Natalia G. Berloff (DAMTP, Cambridge), Jason Cantarella (University of Georgia)Anne-Christine Davis (DAMTP, Cambridge), Thomas W. Kephart (Vanderbilt University)Paul Sutcliffe (Durham University), and Tanmay Vachaspati (Arizona State University)

Workshop Theme

Many systems contain flux tubes which tighten due to their own tension. This workshop will study all aspects of tightly knotted and linked systems which support quantized flux tubes. The systems studied will range over, but not be limited to, superconductors, cosmic strings, and gauge theories, such as quantum chromodynamics. Some topics to be considered will be:

  • the energy spectrum of knots and links;
  • mathematical and physical aspects of tightening;
  • relaxation to local and global minima;
  • topological aspects of stability related to helicity, quantized helicity and their generalizations;
  • curvature corrections, distortion and other physical corrections;
  • topology change and the dynamics of flux tube decay, from quantum reconnection and tunneling to monopole-anti-monopole pair production;
  • universality aspects of tightly knotted/linked systems of quantized flux, from knotted flux tubes in superconductors to glueballs in QCD.

The proceedings from this workshop are available online with open access through IOP science.

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