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Event Calendar

E.g., 2016-06-29
E.g., 2016-06-29
Event Code - Title Type Datessort descending
GTA - Gravity, Twistors and Amplitudes Programme
20th June 2016 to 8th July 2016
GTAW01 - General Relativity: from Geometry to Amplitudes Workshop
27th June 2016 to 1st July 2016
DLA - Data Linkage and Anonymisation Programme
4th July 2016 to 21st December 2016
DLAW01 - 'Data Linkage and Anonymisation: Setting the Agenda' Workshop
5th July 2016 to 8th July 2016
SNAW01 - Graph Limits and Statistics Workshop
11th July 2016 to 15th July 2016
SNA - Theoretical Foundations for Statistical Network Analysis Programme
11th July 2016 to 21st December 2016
FOS - Probability and Statistics in Forensic Science Programme
18th July 2016 to 21st December 2016
SNAW05 - Bayesian Methods for Networks Workshop
25th July 2016 to 27th July 2016
SNAW02 - Network Science and its Applications Workshop
22nd August 2016 to 26th August 2016
FOSW01 - The nature of questions arising in court that can be addressed via probability and statistical methods Workshop
30th August 2016 to 2nd September 2016
TGMW36 - Soft Matter - Theoretical and Industrial Challenges Workshop
7th September 2016 to 9th September 2016
DLAW02 - Data Linkage: Techniques, Challenges and Applications Workshop
12th September 2016 to 16th September 2016
OFB28 - Perspectives on Data Linkage - Techniques, Challenges and Applications Workshop 16th September 2016
FOSW02 - Bayesian Networks and Argumentation in Evidence Analysis Workshop
26th September 2016 to 29th September 2016
DLAW04 - Privacy: Recent Developments at the Interface between Economics and Computer Science Workshop 28th October 2016
OFBW27 - Theoretical Foundations for Statistical Network Analysis - Open for Business event Workshop 1st November 2016
FOSW03 - Statistical Modelling of Scientific Evidence Workshop
7th November 2016 to 10th November 2016
DLAW03 - New Developments in Data Privacy Workshop
5th December 2016 to 9th December 2016
SNAW04 - Dynamic Networks Workshop
12th December 2016 to 16th December 2016
NPC - Non-Positive Curvature Group Actions and Cohomology Programme
3rd January 2017 to 23rd June 2017
HTL - Homology Theories in Low Dimensional Topology Programme
9th January 2017 to 30th June 2017
OAS - Operator Algebras: Subfactors and their Applications Programme
9th January 2017 to 23rd June 2017
NPCW01 - Non-Positive Curvature in Action Workshop
9th January 2017 to 13th January 2017
HTLW01 - Winter school workshop Workshop
16th January 2017 to 20th January 2017
OASW01 - Structure of Operator Algebras: Subfactors and Fusion Categories Workshop
23rd January 2017 to 27th January 2017
HTLW02 - 3-manifold workshop Workshop
30th January 2017 to 3rd February 2017
NPCW02 - Satellite Workshop in Oxford Satellite
20th March 2017 to 24th March 2017
OASW02 - Subfactors, Higher Geometry, Higher Twists and Almost Calabi-Yau Algebras Workshop
27th March 2017 to 31st March 2017
NPCW03 - Satellite Workshop in Southampton Satellite
27th March 2017 to 31st March 2017
HTLW03 - Physics and knot homologies Workshop
10th April 2017 to 13th April 2017
NPCW04 - May Workshop Workshop
8th May 2017 to 12th May 2017
OASW03 - Subfactors, K-theory and Conformal Field Theory Workshop
12th June 2017 to 16th June 2017
NPCW05 - Group Actions and Cohomology in Non-Positive Curvature Workshop
19th June 2017 to 23rd June 2017
BPR - Big Proof Programme
26th June 2017 to 4th August 2017
HTLW04 - Quantum topology and categorified representation theory Workshop
26th June 2017 to 30th June 2017
SINW01 - TBC Workshop
3rd July 2017 to 7th July 2017
SIN - Scalable Inference; Statistical, Algorithmic, Computional Aspects Programme
3rd July 2017 to 28th July 2017
BPRW01 - Computer-Aided Mathematical Proof Workshop
10th July 2017 to 14th July 2017
NWW - Nonlinear Water Waves Programme
31st July 2017 to 25th August 2017
NWWW01 - TBC Workshop
7th August 2017 to 10th August 2017
SYGW05 - Symplectic Geometry - Celebrating the work of Simon Donaldson Workshop
14th August 2017 to 18th August 2017
SIP - Mathematics of Sea Ice Phenomena Programme
21st August 2017 to 20th December 2017
GFS - Growth Form and Self-Organisation Programme
22nd August 2017 to 20th December 2017
VMV - Variational Methods and Effective Algorithms for Imaging and Vision Programme
29th August 2017 to 20th December 2017
VMVW01 - Variational Methods, New Optimization Techniques and New Fast Numerical Algorithm Workshop
4th September 2017 to 8th September 2017
SIPW01 - Multi-scale Modelling of Ice Characteristics and Behaviour Workshop
11th September 2017 to 15th September 2017
GFSW01 - Form and Deformation in Solid and Fluid Mechanics Workshop
18th September 2017 to 22nd September 2017
SIPW02 - Ice-Fluid Interaction Workshop
2nd October 2017 to 6th October 2017
VMVW02 - Generative Models, Parameter Learning and Sparsity Workshop
30th October 2017 to 3rd November 2017
SIPW03 - Ice-Structure Interaction Workshop
6th November 2017 to 10th November 2017
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