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E.g., 2015-07-29
E.g., 2015-07-29
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CGP - Coupling Geometric PDEs with Physics for Cell Morphology, Motility and Pattern Formation 13th July 2015 to 18th December 2015 Programme
MAM - Metric and Analytic Aspects of Moduli Spaces 20th July 2015 to 14th August 2015 Programme
MAMW01 - Metric and Analytic Aspects of Moduli Spaces 27th July 2015 to 31st July 2015 Workshop
CGPW05 - Multimodal Monitoring of Cell Migration 27th July 2015 to 31st July 2015 Workshop
HIF - Mathematical, Foundational and Computational Aspects of the Higher Infinite 19th August 2015 to 18th December 2015 Programme
HIFW01 - The 5th European Set Theory Conference 24th August 2015 to 28th August 2015 Workshop
CGPW02 - Cell Mechanics, Morphogenetics and Pattern Formation: perspectives from experimental and theoretical points of view 14th September 2015 to 18th September 2015 Workshop
HIFW02 - Independence Results in Mathematics and Challenges in Iterated Forcing (University of East Anglia, Norwich) 2nd November 2015 to 6th November 2015 Satellite
CGPW03 - Multi-physics geometric PDE using deformable surfaces: Analysis, modelling, numerics and applications 4th November 2015 to 6th November 2015 Satellite
CGPW04 - New Mathematical and Computational Problems involved in Cell Motility, Morphogenesis and Pattern Formation 7th December 2015 to 11th December 2015 Workshop
HIFW03 - The Role of the Higher Infinite in Mathematics and Other Disciplines 14th December 2015 to 18th December 2015 Workshop
SDB - Stochastic Dynamical Systems in Biology: Numerical Methods and Applications 4th January 2016 to 24th June 2016 Programme
QIM - Mathematical Aspects of Quantum Integrable Models in and out of Equilibrium 11th January 2016 to 5th February 2016 Programme
SDBW01 - Opening Workshop 18th January 2016 to 22nd January 2016 Workshop
MIMW01 - From Foundations to State-of-the-Art in Magma/Mantle Dynamics 15th February 2016 to 19th February 2016 Workshop
MIM - Melt in the Mantle 15th February 2016 to 17th June 2016 Programme
SDBW02 - Multiscale Methods for Stochastic Dynamical Systems in Biology - Satellite at ICMS 29th February 2016 to 4th March 2016 Satellite
SDBW03 - Advances in numerical and analytic approaches for the study of non-spatial stochastic dynamical systems in molecular biology 4th April 2016 to 8th April 2016 Workshop
MIMW02 - From the Grain to the Continuum: Two Phase Dynamics of a Partially Molten, Polycrystalline Aggregate 11th April 2016 to 15th April 2016 Workshop
MIMW03 - From the Continuum to the Tectonic: the Magma/Mantle Dynamics of Planet Earth 6th June 2016 to 10th June 2016 Workshop
SDBW04 - Spatially Distributed Stochastic Dynamical Systems in Biology 20th June 2016 to 24th June 2016 Workshop
GTA - Gravity, Twistors and Amplitudes 20th June 2016 to 8th July 2016 Programme
DLAW01 - Opening Workshop 4th July 2016 to 8th July 2016 Workshop
DLA - Data Linkage and Anonymisation 4th July 2016 to 21st December 2016 Programme
SNAW01 - Graph Limits and Statistics 11th July 2016 to 15th July 2016 Workshop
SNA - Theoretical Foundations for Statistical Network Analysis 11th July 2016 to 21st December 2016 Programme
FOS - Probability and Statistics in Forensic Science 18th July 2016 to 21st December 2016 Programme
SNAW05 - Bayesian Methods for Networks 25th July 2016 to 27th July 2016 Workshop
SNAW02 - Network Science and its Applications 22nd August 2016 to 26th August 2016 Workshop
FOSW01 - The Nature of Questions rising in Court that can be addressed via Probability and Statistical Methods 30th August 2016 to 2nd September 2016 Workshop
DLAW02 - TBC 12th September 2016 to 16th September 2016 Workshop
SNAW03 - Computational Approaches to Network Analysis 19th September 2016 to 23rd September 2016 Workshop
FOSW02 - Bayesian Networks in Evidence Analysis 26th September 2016 to 30th September 2016 Workshop
DLAW04 - Privacy: Recent Developments at the Interface between Economics and Computer Science 28th October 2016 Workshop
FOSW03 - Statistical Methods in DNA Analysis and Analysis of Trace Evidence 7th November 2016 to 11th November 2016 Workshop
DLAW03 - TBC 5th December 2016 to 9th December 2016 Workshop
SNAW04 - Dynamic Networks 12th December 2016 to 16th December 2016 Workshop
NPC - Non-Positive Curvature Group Actions and Cohomology 3rd January 2017 to 23rd June 2017 Programme
NPCW01 - Non-Positive Curvature in Action 9th January 2017 to 13th January 2017 Workshop
HTL - Homology Theories in Low Dimensional Topology 9th January 2017 to 30th June 2017 Programme
OAS - Operator Algebras: Subfactors and their Applications 9th January 2017 to 23rd June 2017 Programme
OASW01 - Structure of Operator Algebras: Subfactors and Fusion Categories 23rd January 2017 to 27th January 2017 Workshop
NPCW02 - Satellite Workshop in Oxford 20th March 2017 to 24th March 2017 Satellite
NPCW03 - Satellite Workshop in Southampton 27th March 2017 to 31st March 2017 Satellite
OASW02 - Subfactors, Higher Geometry, Higher Twists and Almost Calabi-Yau Algebras 27th March 2017 to 31st March 2017 Workshop
NPCW04 - May Workshop 8th May 2017 to 12th May 2017 Workshop
OASW03 - Subfactors, K-theory and Conformal Field Theory 12th June 2017 to 16th June 2017 Workshop
NPCW05 - Group Actions and Cohomology in Non-Positive Curvature 19th June 2017 to 23rd June 2017 Workshop
NWW - Nonlinear Water Waves 31st July 2017 to 25th August 2017 Programme
SYGW05 - Symplectic Geometry - Celebrating the work of Simon Donaldson 14th August 2017 to 18th August 2017 Workshop
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