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This Week's Seminars

Unable to attend an INI seminar?
Most seminars are streamed live as well as being archived for later viewing.

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Event When Speaker Title
HIF Monday 5th October
16:00 to 17:00
H Woodin Beyond the infinite: Rothschild Distinguished Visiting Professor Lecture
CGP Tuesday 6th October
11:00 to 12:30
RK Upadhyay Spatiotemporal transmission dynamics of recent Ebola spread and outbreak in West Africa: impact of control measures
HIF Tuesday 6th October
15:00 to 16:00
M Kurilic Reversibility of Definable Relations
CGP Thursday 8th October
11:00 to 12:30
G Blanchard The structure and logic of axis extension in Drosophila
HIF Friday 9th October
12:30 to 13:25
H Nobrega Computable analysis and games in descriptive set theory
HIF Friday 9th October
13:30 to 14:25
J Carmesin Min-Max theorems in infinite combinatorics
HIF Friday 9th October
14:40 to 15:35
F Parente Saturated Boolean Ultrapowers
HIF Friday 9th October
15:50 to 16:45
L Agarwal Uncountably many maximal-closed subgroups of Sym(N) via reducts of Henson digraphs
HIF Saturday 10th October
11:00 to 11:55
L Galeotti Weihrauch degrees for generalized Baire space
HIF Saturday 10th October
13:00 to 13:55
J Hilton Topological Ramsey theory of countable ordinals
HIF Saturday 10th October
14:00 to 14:55
P Kleppmann Free groups and the Axiom of Choice
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