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Policy & Guidelines

Video Conferencing Policy, Standards & Guidelines

The Institute encourages use of its information resources. The guidelines in this document are designed to support Video Conferencing (VC) communication by INI visitors and staff with remote sites. All users of the Institute's VC facilities must abide by Cambridge University codes of conduct as well as by local policies and guidelines, and must act responsibly to maintain the integrity of these resources. The Institute's facilities have been acquired through a grant from the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851, and there is no charge to participants for their use.

Using the Institute’s Video Conference Facilities

  1. Booking the Facilities.
    1. Any invited visitor or staff member can request the use of the VC facilities; use by non-Institute personnel is not permitted.
    2. Requests to use the VC facilities should be sent to the Audio Visual Technician, VC[at][dot]uk (Office F6), at least 24 hours in advance (exceptions may apply). See Booking a Session for further information.
    3. Special events such as a scheduled remote lecture shall take precedence over all other requests for the use of VC facilities. This may require previously scheduled events to be interrupted, cancelled or delayed.
  2. Appropriate Uses of the Facilities:
    1. Seminars presented by people unable to attend a Programme or Workshop in person due to time, cost or other constraints;
    2. Collaborative discussions with researchers and groups elsewhere, including PhD students and postdocs of participants;
    3. Presentations by Institute members to workshops etc. elsewhere;
    4. Institute Community Outreach activities in the Mathematical Sciences;
    5. Administrative purposes of the Institute;
    6. Inappropriate uses, which include personal purposes not related to scientific work, and commercial uses such as solicitation of goods and services, are not permitted. If you are in doubt, please ask the AV technician in advance.
  3. Rules when using the Facilities:
    1. The handling of Institute VC equipment shall be restricted to personnel trained in its operation.
    2. Removal of or tampering with equipment and other resources is not allowed.
    3. A programme participant shall be designated responsible for the VC facility during the session and shall supervise the facility while in use. It is essential that prior to the session, this responsible user coordinates with technical staff to receive familiarization training with the VC system, to ensure that the user will be able to operate the system.
    4. VC technical support staff shall not normally be present during a session. VC technical support may be requested and will be provided only if other duties permit. Support will be limited to:
      1. Projection equipment operation
      2. Audio equipment operation
      3. Connectivity coordination and troubleshooting with remote sites
    5. Observers to any session should be announced to all participants in the session. If a session is to be recorded (video or audio) this fact should be announced to all participants in the session at all sites.
    6. The Institute will not accept liability as a result of a conference not taking place or interruptions due to unforeseen circumstances, network failure, equipment failure or power supply failure.

Using your own video conferencing equipment

There is a vast range of VC hardware and software available in the market and all VC vendors provide some common features. Some of the required features that will be considered standard for institute deployments include, but are not limited to:

  • H323 video protocol compatible
  • High Definition cameras and display monitors
  • Document-sharing capabilities
  • High speed network connectivity
  • Multiple monitors to connect various remote locations

To ensure that any VC equipment you are interested in deploying is compatible with these standards, please contact the IT staff in Room F6.


Royal Commission Exhibition of 1851

Video Conferencing facilities have been acquired through a grant from the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851.

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