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Junior Membership of the Newton Institute

The Institute recognises that junior researchers have much to contribute to and much to gain from Institute programmes and events.

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In order to maximise the information available to junior researchers, and to facilitate their involvement in Institute activities, we have introduced a category of Junior Membership of the Newton Institute. To be eligible for Junior Membership of the Institute you must be a Research Student or within 5 years of having received a PhD (with appropriate allowance for career breaks) and you must work or study in a UK University, in a UK academic institution or in a R & D group in industry or commerce.

To apply for Junior Membership of the Institute please complete the Application Form.

Junior members will receive:

  • regular advance information about programmes, workshops, conferences and other Institute events
  • detailed information about any workshops of an instructional or general nature, likely to be of special interest to young researchers
  • information about suitable sources of funding or support for visits to the Institute, when available.

Newton Institute Junior Member Grants

The Institute receives sponsorship from the London Mathematical Society and Microsoft Research Limited as well as making available some of its general funds specifically to support involvement by Junior Members in Institute activities. The types of involvement supported include (but are not limited to) attendance at workshops, conferences etc, and visits of up to 2 weeks to work or study with longer-term participants in the Institute's programmes. attend workshops, conferences, and summer schools


.....and for other visits

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