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Finding a book

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To find out whether a specific title is held in the library, please refer first to the catalogues.

The books in the library are arranged according to the Library of Congress Classification Scheme, which assigns each subject an alphanumeric classmark or shelf location. Most of the books in the Institute Library come under the Science class Q. To help identify specific works, we have also added the first three letters of the author's surname, eg QA805 ARN (Arnold, VI: Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics). There is a complete guide to the Library of Congress scheme for Science in the Reference section. Back copies of journals are arranged alphabetically on the upstairs gallery on the right-hand side as you enter the library. There are separate sections specifically for Newton Institute Publications, Isaac Newton and his works, Local Information and fiction books.


Borrowing is self-service. To borrow a book, simply fill in the loan card from the inside front cover of the book with your name and the date then leave it in the box provided on the library desk. A member of staff will file the card later.

Books can be kept for up to a month provided there are no requests for it. It would be appreciated if participants could keep books within the building during the day, so that others can gain access to them if necessary. If an item on loan is requested by another participant, the borrower will be asked either to return it or to let the requesting participant have access to it.

Please leave returned material on the desk.