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Books about Sir Isaac Newton in the Institute's Library

The Newton Institute Library does not contain any of Newton's manuscripts; these are primarily to be found in the archives of the Cambridge University Library and the Keynes Collection at King's College. However, we do have a collection of texts dealing with Newton's life and works, including modern editions of some of his correspondence, mathematical and optical papers. We have also been given a modern transcript of the 1671 will of William Clark, the Grantham apothecary with whom Newton boarded while at the King's School (c.1630), and an inventory of the apothecary's shop (by kind permission of Ms. V. Horry).

The books are listed below by author/editor, and the shelf location is given after each one. Most are shelved together in the Isaac Newton section of the library, indicated by the shelf location 'NEW'.

Alexander, Denis (ed.)
The Isaac Newton Guide Book
Faraday Institute Publishing, 2012 175p
Shelf Location: NEW QC16 ALE

Arnold, V.I.
Huygens and Barrow, Newton and Hooke: pioneers in mathematical analysis and catastrophe theory from evolvents to quasicrystals (In Russian script with Abstract in English)
Moscow, 1989
Shelf Location: NEW QA300 ARN

Bertoloni Meli, Domenico
Equivalence and priority: Newton versus Leibniz ; including Leibniz's unpublished manuscripts on the Principia
Clarendon Press (Oxford science publications), 1993 ix, 318p
Shelf Location: NEW QA803 MEL

Chandrasekhar, S.
Newton's Principia for the common reader
Clarendon Press, 1995
Shelf Location: NEW QA803 CHA

Christianson, Gale E.
In the presence of the Creator: Isaac Newton and his times
The Free Press (Macmillan Inc), 1984
Shelf Location: NEW QC16 CHR

Clark, D. and Clark S.
Newton’s tyranny : the suppressed scientific discoveries of Stephen Gray and John Flamsteed
W.H. Freeman, 2001
Shelf Location: NEW QA28 CLA

Cohen, I. Bernard and Koyre, Alexandre (Eds.)
Introduction to Isaac Newton's 'Principia'
Cambridge University Press, 1971
Shelf Location: NEW QA35 COH

Cohen, I. Bernard and Whitman, Anne
The Principia: Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy
A new translation by I. Bernard Cohen and Anne Whitman assisted by Julia Budenz; Preceded by A Guide to Newton's Principia by I. Bernard Cohen
University of California Press, 1999
Shelf Location: NEW QA803 COH

Dalitz, Richard H. and Nauenberg, Michael (Eds.)
The Foundations of Newtonian Scholarship
World Scientific Publishing Co., 2000
Shelf Location: NEW QC16 DAL

Djerassi, C. and Pinner, D.
Newton’s darkness : two dramatic views
Imperial College Press, 2003
Shelf Location: NEW PS3554 DJE

Dobbs, B.J.T.
The Janus faces of genius: The role of alchemy in Newton's thought
Cambridge University Press, 1991
Shelf Location:NEW QC16 DOB

Dobbs, B.J.T.
The foundations of Newton's alchemy
Cambridge University Press, 1975
Shelf Location: NEW QC16 DOB

Gjertsen, Derek
The Newton Handbook
Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1986
Shelf location: NEW QC16 GJE

Gleick, J.
Isaac Newton
Fourth Estate, 2003
Shelf Location: NEW QC16 GLE

Greenstreet, W.J. (Ed)
Isaac Newton 1642-1727: a memorial volume (Edited for the Mathematical Association by W.J. Greenstreet)
London: G. Bell and Sons Ltd. 1927 vii,181p
Shelf Location: NEW QC16 GRE

Guicciardini, N.
Reading the Principia : the debate on Newton’s mathematical methods for natural philosophy from 1687 to 1736
Cambridge University Press, 2003
Shelf Location: NEW QA803 GUI

Hall, A. Rupert
All was light; An introduction to Newton's Opticks
Clarendon Press, 1993
Shelf Location: NEW QC353 HAL

Hall, A. Rupert
Isaac Newton: adventurer in thought
Basil Blackwell, 1992 xv,468p
Shelf Location: NEW QC16 HAL

Hall, A. Rupert
Philosophers at war: the quarrel between Newton and Leibnitz
Cambridge University Press, 1980
Shelf Location: NEW QA303 HAL

Harman, P.M. and A.E. Shapiro (Eds.)
The investigation of difficult things: essays on Newton and the history of the exact sciences in honour of D.T.Whiteside Cambridge University Press, 1992 xvi,531p
Shelf Location: NEW Q125 HAR

Harrison, John
The library of Isaac Newton
Cambridge University Press, 1978
Shelf Location: NEW Z997 HAR

Keynes, Milo
The personality of Isaac Newton
Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London, 49 (1), pp.1-56 (1995)
Shelf location: NEW QC16 KEY

Keynes, W.M.
The iconography of Sir Isaac Newton to 1800
Boydell Press in association with Trinity College Cambridge, 2005
Shelf Location: NEW N7628 KEY

Mandelbrote, S.
Footprints of the lion : Isaac Newton at work : exhibition at Cambridge University Library, 9 October 2001-23 March 2002
Cambridge University Library, 2001
Shelf Location: NEW QC16 MAN

Maury, Jean-Pierre
Newton: Understanding the Cosmos
Thames and Hudson, 1992 144p
Shelf Location: NEW QA300 MAU

Newton, Isaac
The unpublished first version of Isaac Newton's Cambridge lectures on optics 1670 - 1672
(Newton Manuscript Series; 1)
A facsimile of the autograph, now in Cambridge University Library, with an introduction by D.T. Whiteside
Cambridge University Press, 1973
Shelf Location: NEW QC361 NEW

Newton, Isaac
The preliminary manuscripts for Isaac Newton's 1687 Principia, 1684-1685
(Newton Manuscript Series; 2)
Facsimiles of the original autographs, now in Cambridge University Library, with an introduction by D.T. Whiteside
Cambridge University Press, 1989
Shelf Location: NEW QA803 NEW

Newton, Isaac
Opticks: or, a treatise of the reflexions, refractions, inflexions and colours of light
"Printed for Sam. Smith and Benj. Woodward, Printers to the Royal Society, at the Pronce's Arms on St. Paul's Churchyard, MDCCIV"
Facsimile edition, Impression Anastaltique, Culture et Civilisation, Brussells 1966
Shelf Location: NEW QC353 NEW

Newton, Isaac
Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica
"Imprimatur, S.Pepys, Reg. Soc. Praesses, Julii 5.1686"
Facsimile edition, Impression Anastaltique, Culture et Civilisation, Brussells 1965
Shelf Location: NEW QA35 NEW

Newton, Isaac
Isaac Newton's Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica
The third edition with variant readings, assembled and edited by Alexandre Koyre and I. Bernard Cohen with the assistance of Anne Whitman, Volume 1
Cambirdge University Press, 1972
Shelf Location: NEW QA35 KOY

Rankin, William
Newton for Beginners
Icon Books, 1993 176p
Shelf Location: NEW QC16 RAN

Sabra, A.I.
Theories of light from Descartes to Newton
Cambridge University Press, 1981
Shelf Location: NEW QC401 SAB

Shapiro, Alan E. (Ed.)
The optical papers of Isaac Newton: the optical lectures 1670-1672
Cambridge University Press, 1984
Shelf Location: NEW QC353 NEW

Turnbull, HW (Ed.)
The correspondence of Isaac Newton

Shelf Location: NEW QC16 NEW

Wallis, Peter and Ruth
Newton and Newtoniana, 1672-1975: A bibliography
Unwin, 1977
Shelf Location: NEW Z8623 WAL

Westfall, Richard S.
Life of Isaac Newton (Abridged edition)
Cambridge University Press, 1993 xv, 328p Previous title: Never at Rest: Biography of Isaac Newton
Shelf Location: NEW QC16 WES

Westfall, Richard S.
Never at rest: a biography of Isaac Newton
Cambridge University Press, 1980
Shelf Location: NEW QC16 WES

White, Michael
Isaac Newton: The last sorcerer
Fourth Estate, 1997
Shelf Location: NEW QC16 WHI

Whiteside, D.T. (Ed.)
The mathematical papers of Isaac Newton

Shelf Location: NEW QA35 WHI