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INI podcast

Launched in March 2019, the INI podcast series aims to highlight the diverse people and explore the many interconnected topics linked to the Institute's activities. Interviewees may range from visiting academics and lecturers to mathematicians, other scientists, and prominent figures within the University of Cambridge and beyond. The podcast typically involves mathematical themes, but is specifically aimed at a general audience. The focus is on the subjects being interviewed and the social stories they have to tell, not just on the significance and details of the research they may be undertaking. We hope there is interest and inspiration here for everyone.

> Episode #6interview with Professor Martin Buhmann
> Episode #5: interview with Dr Frank King
> Episode #4: interview with Henri Elad Altman
> Episode #3:
 interview with Susanne Hilger
> Episode #2:
 interview with Professor Patricia Goncalvez
> Episode #1:
 interview with Director David Abrahams

In episode #6 we welcome Professor Martin Buhmann (Giessen) of the "Approximation, sampling and compression in data science" programme to speak about the Giessen-based Mathematikum centre. As co-Director of this central German mathematical science centre he is perfectly placed to discuss public engagement with mathematics, how a more "physical" approach can help capture the imagination of the young and old alike, and how to make learning fun. Hosted by: Dan Aspel (INI Communications Manager).

In episode #5 we speak to Dr Frank King (Churchill College) about his recent book "Sundials: Cutting Time", the challenges and mathematics involved in designing such classical timepieces, and whether a young Sir Isaac Newton was himself the creator of a Sundial. Hosted by: Dan Aspel (INI Communications Manager).

> Episode #4 sees INI catch up with Henri Elad Altman, a PHD student engaged in the SRQ programme. In our short chat we cover the day-to-day realities of participating in an INI programme, what life is like in Cambridge for a visiting researcher and whether it is "intimidating" to work alongside senior colleagues for weeks at a time. Hosted by: Dan Aspel (INI Communications Manager).

> In episode #3 we chat with PHD student Susanne Hilger about life as a more junior Participant in an INI programme and the issues raised by being a female mathematician in a traditionally male-dominated environment. Hosted by: Dan Aspel (INI Communications Manager).

In episode #2 we speak to Professor Patricia Goncalvez about the direction her career has taken so far, the challenges in obtaining enough experience to apply for senior positions, and the realities of juggling a growing family alongside growing professional responsibilities. Hosted by: Dan Aspel (INI Communications Manager). 

In this inaugural podcast, INI Director David Abrahams speaks about his role at the Institute, reflects on his first two-and-a-half years in the post and looks forward to the remainder of his tenure. Hosted by: Dan Aspel (INI Communications Manager). 

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