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Laptop Printing

How to Install the Printer

Available printer queues

Please print in black&white if you can. Colour pages are ten times more expensive.

Please Note:

Printing may not work if you are using a VPN.

Our print server is only accessible from "inside" the Institute. As a VPN tunnel makes your machine appear to be somewhere else. If your VPN client has an "allow LAN access" option, enabling it will allow you to print. Otherwise, you must temporarily disconnect the VPN before printing. You may reconnect after the job has been spooled.

Windows 10 / Windows 8 /

For information and guides to install the Institutes printers on your Windows device, please see the instructions here.

Mac OSX/ MacOS:

You can use a bash script to quickly install and configure the available printers:

  • Open a terminal window

  • Run this command: curl -s | bash


If your machine uses CUPS (most do!) you may use a bash script to quickly install and configure the available printers:

  • Open a terminal window

  • Become root (or use sudo): sudo bash

  • Run one of these commands:

    • wget -q -O - | bash

    • curl -s | bash

    • GET | bash

If you don't have any of wget/curl/GET installed, you should be able to download the script in your web-browser by visiting the following page.

If you saved the script as a file named "INSTALL" then you can run it using: sudo bash INSTALL

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