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Preprints 1998

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
NI98001-STA N Linden, S Popescu  Non-local properties of multi-particle densitymatrices 
NI98002-AMG  J-L Colliot-Thélène  Un principe local-global pour les zéro-cyclessur les surfaces fibrés en coniques au-dessus d'une courbe de genre quelconque 
NI98003-AMG RGE Pinch, HPF Swinnerton-Dyer  Arithmetic of diagonal quartic surfaces, II 
NI98004-AMG DR Heath-Brown  The solubility of diagonal cubic diophantineequations 
NI98005-AMG B Poonen, M Stoll  The Cassels-Tate pairing on polarized Abelianvarieties 
NI98006-AMG  P Parimala, V Suresh  Isotropy of quadratic forms over function fieldsof curves over p-adic fields 
NI98007-AMG E Peyre  Application of motivic complexes to negligibleclasses 
NI98008-AMG E Peyre  Torseurs universels et méthode du cercle 
NI98009-RAG JA Green  Discrete series characters for GL(n,q) 
NI98010-DQC K Zyczkowski  On the volume of the set of mixed entangled states 
NI98011-DQC K Zyczkowski  Monge distance between quantum states 
NI98012-DAD JA Sellwood, RW Nelson, S Tremaine  Resonant thickening of disks by small satellite galaxies 
NI98013-DAD GI Ogilvie, SH Lubow  The effect of an isothermal atmosphere on the propagation of three-dimensional waves in a thermally stratified accretion disk 
NI98014-DAD JA Sellwood, SA Balbus  Differential rotation and turbulence in extended H I disks 
NI98015-DAD AM Fridman, OV Khoruzhii  On nonlinear dynamics of 3D astrophysical disks 
NI98016-DQC RE Prange, R Narevich, O Zaitsev  Quasiclassical surface of section perturbation theory 
NI98017-DQC A Sedrakyan  Edge excitations of an incompressible fermionic liquid in a disorder magnetic field 
NI98018-DAD CF Gammie  Accretion disk turbulence 
NI98019-DAD  R Popham, CF Gammie  Advection dominated accretion flows in the Kerr metric:II. Steady state global solutions 
NI98020-DAD CF Gammie, R Narayan  What is the accretion rate in NGC 4258? 
NI98021-DAD  CF Gammie  Photon bubbles in accretion disks 
NI98022-DAD  EC Ostriker, CF Gammie, JM Stone  Kinetic and structural evolution of self-gravitating,magnetized clouds: 2.5-dimensional simulations ofdecaying turbulence 
NI98023-DAD JA Sellwood, EM Moore  On the formation of disk galaxies and massivecentral objects 
NI98024 -DAD VA Vladimirov, HK Moffatt, KI Ilin  On general transformations & variational principles for the magnetohydrodynamics of ideal fluids. Part IV. Generalized isovorticity principle for three-dimensional flows 
NI98025-DAD  M Steel  Sufficient conditions for two tree reconstruction techniques to succeed on sufficiently long sequences 
NI98026-DAD  M Steel  The emergence of a self-catalysing structure in abstract origin-of-life models
NI98027-RAG  A Marcus  Derived equivalences and Dade's invariant conjecture
NI98028-DAD  J Goodman and NW Evans  Stability of power- law disks
NI98029-DAD  C Turquem  The response of accretion disks to bending waves: angular momentum transport and resonances
NI98030-NSP  P Flandrin  Inequalities in Mellin- Fourier signal analysis
NI98031-NSP  MB Kennel and AI Mees  Testing for general dynamical stationarity with a symbolic data compression technique
NI98032-BFG  G McGuire  A Bayesian model for detecting past recombination events in multiple alignments
NI98033-NSP  M Palus and D Novotná  Sunspot cycle: a driven nonlinear oscillator
NI98034-NSP  RG Baraniuk, P Flandrin, AJEM Janssen and O Michél  Measuring time- frequency information content using the Rényi entropies
NI98035-BFG  S Böcker, AWM Dress and MA Steel  Patching up X- trees
NI98036-BFG  N Goldman  Estimating phylogeny when alignment is uncertain
NI98037-BFG  Pietro Liò and N Goldman  Using protein structural information in evolutionary inference: transmembrane proteins 

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