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Preprints 1999

The three-letter code attached to the preprint number indicates the scientific programme during which the paper was written. Click on the code to see the programme details.

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
NI99001-DAD C Terquem, J Eislöffel, JCB Papaloizou  Precession of collimated outflows from young stellar objects
NI99002-APF KJ Falconer, RD Maudlin Fubini-type theorems for general measure constructions
NI99003-DAD JCB Papaloizou, C Terquem  Critical proplanetary core masses in proplanetary disks and the formation of short-period giant planets
NI99004-TRB CR Doering, JD Gibbon Anomalous scaling and regularity of the Navier-Stokes equations
NI99005-TRB WD McComb, C Johnstone Elimination of turbulent modes using a conditional average with asymptotic freedom
NI99006-APF KJ Falconer, M Järvenpää, P Mattila Examples illustrating the instability of packing dimensions of sections
NI99007-APF J Kigami  Markov property of Kusuoka-Zhou's Dirichlet forms on self-similar sets
NI99008-APF RM Solovay  A Version of W for which ZFC can not predict a single bit
NI99009-TRB BJ Geurts, A Leonard  Is LES ready for complex flows?
NI99010-TRB A Tsinober  Vortex stretching versus production of strain/dissipation
NI99011-TRB A Tsinober  On statistics and structure(s) in turbulence
NI99012-TRB AJ Young, WD McComb  An ad hoc operational method to compensate for absent turbulence modes in an insufficiently reseolved numerical simulation
NI99013-TRB ND Sandham A review of progress on direct and large-eddy simulation of turbulence
NI99014-NSP R Baranuik  Optimal tree approximation with wavelets
NI99015-CCP HE Brandt  Inconclusive rate with a positive operator valued measure
NI99016-DAD U Torkelsson, GI Ogilvie, A Brandenburg  The response of a turbulent accretion disc to an imposed epicyclic shearing motion
NI99017-TRB M Kholmyansky, A Tsinober  On the origins of intermittency in real turbulent flows
NI99018-SFU T Shiromizu, K-i Maeda, M Sasaki  The Einstein equations on the 3-brane world
NI99019-CCP V Coffman, J Kundu, WK Wooters  Distributed entanglement
NI99020-CCP H Brandt  Qubit devices
NI99021-SFU O Seto, J Yokoyama, H Kodama  What happens when inflation stops during inflation
NI99022-SFU J Garriga, T Tanaka  Gravity in the brane-world
NI99023-SMM VA Kovtunenko  Shape sensitivity of curvilinear cracks
NI99024-SMM R Luciano, JR Willis Non-local constitutive response of a random laminate subjected to configuration-dependent body force
NI99025-SMM GA Francfort, PM Suquet Duality relations for nonlinear incompressible two-dimensional elasticity
NI99026-SMM JC Michel, U Galvaneto, PM Suquet Constitutive relations involving internal variables based on a micromechanical analysis
NI99027-APF N-R Shieh, SJ Taylor  Multifractal spectra of a branching measure on a Galton-Watson tree
NI99028-SMM KD Cherednichenko, VP Smyshlyaev On full asymptotic expansion of the solutions of nonlinear periodic rapidly oscillating problems
NI99029-SMM DRS Talbot  Improved bounds for the overall properties of a nonlinear composite dielectric
NI99030-CCP GJ Milburn Quantum stochastic processes in mesoscopic conductors
NI99031-CCP GJ Milburn Simulating nonlinear spin models in an ion trap
NI99032-CCP CM Caves, GJ Milburn Qutrit Entanglement

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