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Workshop Programme

for period 22-25 October

Weather and climate prediction on next generation supercomputers

22-25 October


Monday 22 October
12:35-13:30 Welcome and Opening AMM
13:30-14:15 Nigel Wood, (Met Office) AMM
  The Dynamical Core of the Met Office Unified Model: the challenge of future supercomputer architectures Satellite
14:15-14:40 Mikhail Tolstykh, (Russian Academy of Sciences) AMM
  Development of the next generation SLAV global atmospheric model Satellite
14:40-15:10 Afternoon Coffee AMM
15:10-15:55 Nils Wedi, (ECMWF) AMM
  ECMWF's roadmap for non-hydrostatic modelling, existing and future challenges and recent progress in solving these Satellite
16:00-16:25 Bill Skamarock, (National Center for Atmospheric Research) AMM
  A cell-integrated SLSI shallow-water model with conservative and consistent mass and scalar mass transport Satellite
16:25-16:45 Afternoon Tea AMM
16:45-17:20 Richard Loft, (UCAR) AMM
  G8 ECS: Enabling climate simulation at extreme scale Satellite
17:30-18:30 Welcome reception AMM
Tuesday 23 October
09:30-10:05 Gnther Zngl, (Deutscher Wetterdienst) AMM
  The ICON model and its relationship to the ICOMEX project Satellite
10:05-10:40 Todd Ringler, (LANL) AMM
  Jones and Jacobsen "Can Models Built upon Unstructured Grids be Computationally Competitive on Emerging High-Performace Architectures? Satellite
10:40-11:00 Morning Coffee AMM
11:00-11:45 Michael Baldauf, (Deutscher Wetterdienst) AMM
  Limited area model weather prediction using COSMO with emphasis on the numerics of dynamical cores (including some remarks on the NEC vector supercomputer) Satellite
11:45-12:10 John Thuburn, ; Colin Cotter, (Exeter/Imperial College) AMM
  A primal-dual mixed finite element method for accurate and efficient atmospheric modelling on massively parallel computers Satellite
12:10-12:35 Jean Ct, (UQAM) AMM
  Time-parallel algorithms for weather prediction and climate simulation Satellite
12:35-13:30 Lunch AMM
13:30-14:15 Henry Weller, (OpenCFD Limited) AMM
  Addressing unstructuredness and hardware and software divergence Satellite
14:15-14:40 Francis X. Giraldo, ; James F. Kelly, ; Shiva Gopalakrishnan, ; Michal Kopera, ; Lester Carr III, (Naval Postgraduate School) AMM
  Development of a Nonhydrostatic Unified Atmospheric Model (NUMA) on Multi-Core and Many-core Computer Architectures Satellite
14:40-15:10 Afternoon Coffee AMM
15:10-15:55 Andy Grant, (IBM) AMM
  tba Satellite
16:00-16:25 David Ham, ; Patrick E. Farrell, ; Simon W. Funke, ; Marie E. Rognes, (Imperial College London) AMM
  Fully automatic adjoints: a robust and efficient mechanism for generating adjoint dynamical cores Satellite
16:25-16:45 Afternoon Tea AMM
16:45-17:20 Peter Jimack, (Leeds) AMM
  On the Development of Implicit Solvers for Time-Dependent Systems Satellite
Wednesday 24 October
09:30-10:05 John McGregor, (CSIRO) AMM
  Cube-based atmospheric GCMs at CSIRO Satellite
10:05-10:40 Stephane Popinet, (NIWA) AMM
  Quadtree-adaptive global atmospheric modelling on parallel systems Satellite
10:40-11:00 Morning Coffee AMM
11:00-11:45 Mark Taylor, (Sandia) AMM
  High resolution and variable resolution capabilities of the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM) with a spectral finite element dynamical core Satellite
11:45-12:10 Colin M. Zarzycki, ; Christiane Jablonowski, (University of Michigan) AMM
  Evaluating Variable-Resolution CAM-SE as a Numerical Weather Prediction Tool Satellite
12:10-12:35 Marcus J Thatcher, ; John L McGregor, (CSIRO) AMM
  A prototype model for coupled simulations of regional climate suitable for massively parallel architectures Satellite
12:35-13:30 Lunch AMM
13:30-14:15 Tom Edwards, (Cray Inc.) AMM
  Earth system modeling strategies on extreme scale architectures Satellite
14:15-14:40 Eike Mueller, ; Robert Scheichl, (University of Bath) AMM
  Scalability of Elliptic Solvers in Numerical Weather and Climate Prediction Satellite
14:40-15:10 Afternoon coffee AMM
15:10-15:55 Max Gunzberger, (Florida State ) AMM
  Parallel Algorithm for Spherical Delaunay Triangulations and Spherical Centroidal Voronoi Tessellations Satellite
16:00-16:25 Robert Scheichl, (University of Bath) AMM
  Multilevel Markov-Chain Monte Carlo Methods for Large Scale Problems Satellite
16:25-16:45 Afternoon tea AMM
16:45-17:20 Richard Loft, (UCAR) AMM
  Meeting the Challenge of Many-core Architectures in Weather and Climate Models Satellite
19:30-22:00 Workshop dinner AMM
Thursday 25 October
09:30-10:05 Pier Luigi Vidale, (Reading) AMM
  Porting and optimisation of the Met Office Unified Model on Petascale architectures Satellite
10:05-10:30 Chris Budd, (University of Bath) AMM
  Adaptivity using moving meshes Satellite
10:30-10:55 Michal A. Kopera, ; Frank X. Giraldo, (Naval Postgraduate School) AMM
  Adaptive mesh refinement for a 2D unified continuous/discontinuous Galerkin Non-hydrostatic Atmospheric Model Satellite
10:55-11:15 Morning coffee AMM
11:15-11:40 Sarah-Jane Lock , (University of Leeds) AMM
  Linear analyses of RK IMEX schemes for atmospheric modelling Satellite
11:40-12:05 AMM
  tba Satellite
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