Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Mathematics of Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics

1 July - 19 December 1996

Organisers:JCR Hunt (UK Meteorological Office), ME McIntyre (Cambridge), J Norbury (Oxford), I Roulstone (UK Meteorological Office)


There will be a regular seminar programme throughout the period. The seminars and short topical meetings will focus on the following subject areas:

  1. Mathematical structure in low-order geophysical fluid approximations such as balanced equations, semi-geostrophic theory and generalizations: Hamiltonian methods; potential vorticity inversion; Monge-Ampere equation for non-smooth solutions (2nd boundary value problem); material transport and rearrangement theory. A workshop on Low-order Models will take place 21-25 October, and a one day meeting of the Dynamical Problems Specialist Group of the Royal Meteorological Society on Nonlinear Mathematics of the Atmosphere and Oceans will take place on Wednesday 30th October.
  2. Fast-slow interactions (wave-vortex interactions); weak convergence (with application to slow/inertial manifold theory). A workshop on Dynamica Systems Approach to Ocean/Atmosphere Sciences is scheduled for 26th-30th August.
  3. Variational methods; duality; data assimilation; control theory; minimization. A workshop on Mathematical Problems in Atmospheric and Oceanic Data Assimilation is scheduled for 16-20 September; and a meeting on Variational Data Assimilation Systems will take place on 12th and 13th September.
  4. Numerical methods with invariance properties; symplectic integration; constrained hamiltonian systems; the approximation of inertial manifolds; adaptive grids and front tracking; non-smooth optimization. A workshop on The Numerical Mathematics of Weather Dynamics is scheduled for 23-27 September.

    There will be a number of cross-cutting themes and agendas within 1-4, in particular:

  5. Large scale transport and mixing; new numerical algorithms and their effects in climate and ocean modelling.
  6. Lagrangian perspectives.

A conference on Ocean Dynamics is planned for 9-13th September. Workshops on Non-conservative Processes and Statistics of Vortices in Geophysical Flows are scheduled for 19th-23rd August and 21st October-1st November, respectively. In addition, a workshop on Stirring and Mixing in the Atmosphere and Oceans (tentatively 11-15 November) is being considered.

From 8-26th July a number of introductory/survey talks will be given; timetables will be available here.

A conference on Changing Approaches to Modelling the Atmosphere and Oceans will take place from 16-19 December. Visitors are most welcome to attend these meetings.

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