Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Condensed Matter, Black Holes and Holography

16 - 20 April 2012

Organiser: David Tong (University of Cambridge), Julian Sonner (University of Cambridge), Neil Lambert (King's College London)

in association with the Newton Institute programme

Mathematics and Applications of Branes in String and M-theory
(3 January - 29 June 2012)

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Recent developments have highlighted the common language and problems shared by condensed matter theorists and high energy theorists. On the condensed matter side, ideas of quantum criticality and topological order are becoming increasingly important. Meanwhile, on the high energy side the development of the AdS/CFT correspondence has provided a new tool to explore strongly interacting systems.

The lectures in this school will be aimed at graduate students and young researchers from both condensed matter and high energy communities. They will combine introductory lectures together with more advanced topics. Each speaker will give a course of 3-4 lectures.

Lecture topics include: Introduction to AdS/CFT, Gravity and Hydrodynamics, Non-Fermi Liquids, Quantum Criticality and Topological Phases of Matter.


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