Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Computer Security, Cryptology and Coding Theory

1 January - 30 June 1996

Organisers: Ross Anderson (Cambridge), Paddy Farrell (Manchester), Peter Landrock (Aarhus), Roger Needham (Cambridge)

Programme theme

The intellectual progression of the programme will be from coding theory through cryptology to protocols, security and engineering topics:

This structure is only a guideline, as one of the aims of the programme is to encourage collaborative and, where possible, cross-disciplinary research.

Special Events

There will be three international conferences during the programme. The most widely publicised will be a workshop on cryptographic protocols from 10-13 April, which will celebrate the 21st birthday of public key cryptography. The others will be from 21-23 February on fast software encryption, and from 30th May to 1st June on information hiding. The first two of these workshops are part of established annual series; the third seeks to bring together researchers working in a number of related fields such as copyright marking, covert channels and anonymous communications.

It is also planned to hold a regular seminar every Tuesday evening from 5 pm, followed by a reception at 6. This is to help disseminate current research ideas throughout the local scientific community.

Corporate Membership

Corporate memberships are available in return for a contribution towards the costs of the programme. Corporate members will be entitled to send their staff to seminars, and will also receive a number of invitations to meet participants over dinner.

Scientific Advisers

The scientific committee consists of Tom Berson, Peter Cameron, Whitfield Diffie, John McLean, Jim Massey, Chris Mitchell, Harald Niederreiter, Andrew Odlyzko, Tatsuaki Okamoto and Jean-Jacques Quisquater.

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