Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Complexity, Computation and the Physics of Information

May to August 1999

Organisers: A Albrecht (UC Davis), Peter Knight (Imperial), RM Solovay (Berkeley), W Zurek (LANL)

Workshop: Decoherence, transition from quantum to classical


Monday 5 July

15.15-15.30 R Jozsa (Plymouth)

Session 1.1 Chair: R Jozsa

15.30-16.10 J Hartle (UC, Santa Barbara)
Quasiclassical realms in a quantum universe

16.10-16.50 J Halliwell (Imperial)
Decoherence and records: where is the information stored when
histories decohere?

16.50-17.30 A Peres (Technion)
Relativistic quantum measurements

17.30-19.00 Wine Reception at the Isaac Newton Institute

19.15 Dinner


Tuesday 6 July

Session 1.2 Chair: S Sarkar

09.30-10.10 W Zurek (LANL)
Decoherence and einselection

10.10-10.50 C Kiefer (Freiburg)
Decoherence of primordial fluctuations

10.50-11.30 L Grover (Bell Labs)
The computational power of negative probabilities.

12.00-14.00 Lunch

15.30-16.00 Tea

Session 1.3 Chair: R Schack

16.00-16.40 W Unruh (UBC)
False decoherence and energyless decoherence

16.40-17.20 J Paz (Buenos Aires)
Decoherence in classically chaotic systems

17.20-18.00 F De Martini (Rome)
Quantum superposition of parametrically generated multiphoton states

19.15 Dinner


Wednesday 7 July

Session 1.4 Chair: G Milburn

09.30-10.10 C Caves (New Mexico)
Information-theoretic description of classical and quantum chaos

10.10-10.50 S Lloyd (MIT)
Fundamental physical limits to computation

10.50-11.30 S Sarkar (King's, London)
Entropy production in quantum non-integrable open systems

12.00-14.00 Lunch

15.00-15.30 Tea

Session 1.5 Chair: C Fuchs

15.30-16.10 D DiVincenzo (IBM)
Electron spins in quantum dots for quantum computing

16.10-16.50 M Tegmark (Princeton)
Decoherence and information in quantum systems

16.50-17.30 G Milburn (Queensland)
Simulating nonlinear spin models in an ion trap

17.30-19.00 Posters and Wine Reception at the Isaac Newton Institute

19.15 Dinner


Thursday 8 July

Session 1.6 Chair: W Unruh

09.30-10.10 W Lange (MPQ Munich)
Quantum information processing with a heterogeneous mg-in ion chain

10.10-10.50 L Davidovich (Rio de Janeiro)
Decoherence, Wigner functions, and controlled-not gates in cavity QED.

10.50-11.30 P Knight (Imperial)
Entangling atoms and ions in decoherent environments

12.00-14.00 Lunch

15.30-16.00 Tea

Session 1.7 Chair: W Zurek

16.00-16.40 T Brun (CMU)
Information measures for histories

16.40-17.20 J Kempe (UC, Berkeley)
Decoherence-free subspaces and implications for realizing quantum memory and computation

17.20-18.00 P Zanardi (ISI)
Symmetrization procedures for quantum computation

19.15 Dinner


Friday 9 July

Session 1.8 Chair: C Caves

09.00-09.40 C Fuchs (Caltech)
On unknown quantum states

09.40-10.20 V Vedral (Oxford)
Bound entanglement assisted distillation

10.20-10.50 Coffee

10.50-11.30 M Horodecki (Gdansk)
Limits for entanglement measures

11.30-12.10 N Linden (Isaac Newton Institute)
Quantum computing with very noisy mixed states

12.30-14.00 Lunch

Afternoon Free

19.15 Dinner

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