Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Algebraic Method in Experimental Design

26 - 27 October 2011

Organisers: Hugo Maruri-Aguilar (Queen Mary) and Henry Wynn (LSE)

in association with the Newton Institute programme Design and Analysis of Experiments
(18 July - 21 December 2011)

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The application of Gr\"obner Basis to Experimental Designs is a branch of Algebraic Statistics which has had considerable developments in the last few years. However, only a few links have been made between the algebraic method and the theory of orthogonal fractions and other combinatorial designs. This two day workshop is intended to be very informal and concentrate on these links.

Possible subject areas are:

Rather than give formal talks, contributors will be expected to lead short discussions of particular problem areas.

Note to speakers: Please supply outstanding problems which could form the basis for discussion, ten lines is the suggested maximum length for any such problem statement.

This workshop is by invitation only. Some funding may be provided by the Newton Institute but attendees are encouraged to use their own research funds.

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