Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Dynamo Theory

1 July - 31 December 1992

Organisers: U Frisch (Nice), HK Moffatt (Cambridge), AM Soward (University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

Programme theme

Dynamo theory is the theory of spontaneous generation of magnetic fields in conducting fluids, with application to planetary, stellar and galactic systems. The theory has relevance also to the dynamics of fusion plasma. The programme will focus on two branches of dynamo theory: (1) the nature of the geodynamo operating in the liquid core of the Earth, in which buoyancy, Coriolis and Lorentz forces are of dominant importance; here the essential questions concern the division of energy between small-scale and large-scale structures, the role of (weak) viscosity and inertia, and the essential nature of the dynamo (alpha square,alpha omega , or other); (2) `fast' dynamo theory, i.e. the nature of dynamo action in the limit of very high conductivity in the sun, stars and galaxy; in these contexts turbulence plays a critical and ill-understood role; but model problems ( e.g. space periodic systems) can provide valuable insights into the stretch-twist-fold process and related mechanisms that are known to be conducive to fast dynamo action. The systems studied generally exhibit chaotic dynamics, and analogies with vortex dynamics provide a useful route for the study of fundamental mechanisms of instability and turbulence.


The following have accepted invitations to participate in the programme for the periods indicated:

Anufriev AP, 20 Sep-19 Dec; Galloway,DJ, 1 Oct-19 Dec; Arnold VI, 1 Sep-20 Dec; Hughes DW, 1 Sep-2 Oct; Bayly B, 15 Jul-2 Oct; Kambe T, 20 Sep-19 Dec; Braginskii SI, 15 Jul-30 Nov; Khesin B, 20 Sep-19 Dec; Brandenburg A, 1 Aug-30 Nov; Kimura Y, 20 Jul-19 Oct; Busse FH, 1 Oct-15 Oct; Knobloch E, 1 Jul-20 Dec; Childress S, 20 Sep-2 Oct; Krause F, 26 Oct-25 Nov; Collett P, 1 Sep-30 Oct; Loper D, 15 Jul-19 Aug; Cupal I, 1 Oct-19 Dec; Malkus WVR, 2 Jul-15 Jul; Eltayeb Ib, 15 Jul-30 Aug, 21 Sep-2 Oct; Fearn D, 15 Jul- 2 Oct; Moffatt HK, 15 Jul-19 Dec; Friedlander S, 15 Jul-30 Aug; Pegoraro F, 15 Jul-9 Sep; Frisch O, 1 Sep-30 Oct; Priest ER, 15 Jul-15 Aug; Gailitis A, 1 Oct-19 Dec; Proctor MRE, 15 Jul-20 Dec; Radler K-H, 1 Oct-19 Dec; Roberts PH, 12 Sep-26 Sep; Sokoloff S, 20 Sep-19 Dec; Soward AM, 15 Jul-19 Dec; Spiegel EA, 1 Sep-31 Oct; Vainshtein SI, 15 Jul-30 Sep; Vergassola M, 1 Sep-30 Oct; Vishik MM, 15 Jul-27 Aug; Weiss NO, 15 Jul-20 Dec; Zhang K, 15 Jul-2 Oct; Zheligovsky O, 15 Jul-19 Dec; Zheligovsky V, 15 Jul-19 Dec.


There will be a regular seminar programme throughout the period together with more concentrated series of lectures and workshops:

Organiser: MRE Proctor, DAMTP, University of Cambridge, Silver Street, Cambridge CB3 9EW, UK. Tel: (uk) 1223 337913 Fax: (uk) 1223 337918

Principal Lecturers: PA Glendinning, HK Moffatt, MRE Proctor.

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