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Foams and Minimal Surfaces - 12 Years On

24 - 28 February 2014

Organisers: Simon Cox (Aberystwyth) and Denis Weaire (Trinity College Dublin).

in association with the Newton Institute programme
Foams and Minimal Surfaces (29 July - 23 August 2002)

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Computational methods, 3D tomography, and high speed photography have given fresh impetus to the mathematics of minimal surfaces and its applications, and it remains a fertile area for collaborative research. In particular the theory of liquid foams, which has its roots in the work of Plateau in the 19th century, has greatly advanced since the original FMS programme in 2002.

We propose to take stock of how far research has moved since 2002, to bring open problems to a wider audience, and to explore ways in which they might be tackled by collaboration between pure mathematicians, applied mathematicians, theoretical physicists, and engineers.

Themes include:

In the tradition of the Institute, the meeting will be highly informal and aimed at maximising lively interactions between participants during and outside the lecture/seminar sessions.

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The Registration Package includes admission to all seminars, refreshments, reception, conference dinner and lunches on the days that the lectures take place but does not include other meals or accommodation.

Conference Dinner Only

Participants on the Registration Package, including organisers and speakers, are automatically included in this event. For all remaining participants who would like to attend, such as Visiting Fellows, programme participants or their guests, the above charge will apply.


Unfortunately, the Institute does not have any accommodation available. A list of local hotels and guesthouses is available here.

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Lunch will be served at Wolfson Court in the Cafeteria from 12:30 to 13:30 on days that lectures take place.

Evening Meal

Participants are free to make their own arrangements for dinner.

Conference Dinner

The Conference Dinner date, time and venue will take place at 19:30 on Wednesday 26 February 2014 at Emmanuel College - please see the menu for details. Dress is smart casual. Participants on the Registration Package, including organisers and speakers, are automatically included in this event. All remaining participants are encouraged to attend for the price of 42 each.

If you are on the dinner list please ensure you arrive by 19:15 at the College.

Venue Information

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