An Isaac Newton Institute Conference

Global General Relativity

22 - 26 August 2005

Organisers: Professor PT Chrusciel (Tours), Professor H Friedrich (MPI Golm) and Dr P Tod Oxford)

Supported by the European Commission, Sixth Framework Programme - Marie Curie Conferences and Training Courses - MSCF-CT-2004-516558

in association with the Newton Institute programme entitled
Global Problems in Mathematical Relativity

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Theme of Conference:

The conference will provide a wide-ranging review of the current status of general relativity, including observational and numerical results, with emphasis on the mathematical aspects of the theory. It is intended to introduce and illuminate the themes of the associated programme. There has been substantial progress in mathematical general relativity in the last few years, but there are also very many open questions and fundamental issues to be understood; thus, particular emphasis will be put on reviewing the major challenges in the field. It will bring together mathematicians, numerical analysts and physicists to discuss the current status of the field and present important recent developments.

Subjects covered by the conference will include global properties of solutions of the Einstein equations, singularity formation in hyperbolic equations, the numerical construction of space-times, the status of black hole observations and gravitational wave detection, and quantum field theory in curved space-time.

Invited speakers and preliminary titles:

  • Prof. M. Anderson (Stony Brook): conformal compactifications;
  • Prof. P. Bizon (Cracow): singularity formation in non-linear wave equations;
  • Prof. Y. Choquet-Bruhat (Paris): global properties of space-times with one Killing vector;
  • Dr M. Dafermos (Cambridge): cosmic censorship in spherical symmetry;
  • Prof. GJ. Galloway (Miami): some mathematical aspects of dynamical horizons;
  • Prof. G. Gibbons (Cambridge): black holes in higher dimensions;
  • Prof. J. Isenberg (Oregon): Initial data engineering;
  • Prof. S. Klainerman (Princeton): radius of injectivity and curvature estimates;
  • Prof. L. Lehner (Louisiana): numerical black hole simulations;
  • Prof. J. Lohkamp (Muenster): positivity of energy;
  • Prof. V. Moncrief (Yale) : curvature propagation in general relativity - exploiting the Yang-Mills analogy;
  • Sir M. Rees (Cambridge): current status of black hole observations;
  • Dr. A. Rendall (AEI Golm): asymptotic expansions for cosmological solutions of the Einstein equations;
  • Prof. I. Rodnianski (Princeton): harmonic coordinates and stability of Minkowski space-time;
  • Dr. H. Ringström (KTH Stockholm): dynamical properties of cosmological models;
  • Prof. R. Schoen (Stanford): controlling global properties of solutions of the constraint equations;
  • Prof. T. Tao (UCLA): progress in nonlinear wave equations;
  • Prof. R. Wald (Chicago): quantum field theories in curved spacetimes, mathematical aspects;

Location and Cost:

The conference will take place at the Newton Institute and accommodation for participants will be provided in single study bedrooms with shared bathroom at Wolfson Court. The conference package, costing £440, includes accommodation, breakfast and dinner from dinner on Sunday 21 August to breakfast on Saturday 27 August 2005, and lunch and refreshments during the days that lectures take place.


The conference is supported by the European Community and funding is available, please indicate on the application form which EC category is applicable. Self-supporting participants are very welcome to apply. Participants who wish to attend but do not require the Conference Package will be charged a registration fee of £35.

Closing Date:

The closing date for the receipt of applications has now passed

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