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Workshop Programme

for period 8 Dec 2003

Young Persons Guide to Granular and Particle Laden Flows

8 Dec 2003


Monday 08 December
10:25-10.30 Opening Remarks GPF
Session: Young Persons Guide to Granular \& Particle Laden Flows
10:30-11.00 Ashmore, J (Cambridge) GPF
  Rolling stones Sem 2
11:00-11.30 Coffee GPF
11:30-12.00 Lam, B (Cambridge) GPF
  Flow of granular materials in rotating cylinders: segregation start-up and shutdown Sem 2
12:00-12.30 Haigh, S (Cambridge) GPF
  Liquefaction and flow; a geotechnical perspective Sem 2
12:30-14.00 Lunch at the Institute GPF
14:00-14.30 Gaspar, N (Exeter) GPF
  Modelling the micromechanics of Auxetics Sem 2
14:30-15.00 Seaton, MD (Cambridge) GPF
  Dust re-suspension by liquid droplets Sem 2
15:00-15.30 Tea GPF
15:30-16.00 Yoon, DK (Cornell) GPF
  Granular inclined flows: kinetic theory approach Sem 2
16:00-16.30 Wildman, R (Loughborough) GPF
  Moving beyond the idealised rapid granular flow: experimental investigations of binary vibro-fluidised granular beds Sem 2
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