Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Four Dimensionsal Geometry and Quantum Field Theory

4 November - 13 December 1996

Organisers:Michael Atiyah (Cambridge), Isadore Singer (MIT)

Provisional Programme

Updated 30.11.96

Monday 25 November

Tuesday 26 November

Wednesday 27 November

Thursday 28 November

Monday 2 December

Tuesday 3 December

09.30 N Hitchin (Cambridge)
Monopole moduli spaces

11.00 G Gibbons (Cambridge)
Monopole moduli spaces for higher rank groups

14.30 G Segal (Cambridge)
Topology of monopole moduli spaces

Wednesday 4 December

09.30 S Jarvis (Oxford)
Monopoles and rational maps

11.30 P Sutcliffe (Kent)
Monopoles, metrics and geodesics

14.30 P Norbury (Warwick)

Thursday 5th Dec

09.30 M Duff (Texas A & M)
Four dimensional electric/magnetic duality from six dimensional string/string/duality

11.30 E Witten (IAS, Princeton)
Video II: Supersymmetric gauge theories in three dimensions

14.30 M Duff (Texas A & M)
Six dimensional string/string duality from eleven dimensional membrane/fivebrane duality

Friday 6 December

11.30 E Witten (IAS, Princeton)
Video III: Relation to string theory

14.30 C Hull (QMW)

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