Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

High Frequency Wave Propagation and Scattering

24 July to 26 July 2007

Organisers: Simon Chandler-Wilde (Reading), Ivan Graham (Bath), Stephen Langdon (Reading) and Valery Smyshlyaev (Bath)

in association with the Newton Institute programme entitled
Highly Oscillatory Problems: Computation, Theory and Application


Theme of Workshop:

This follow-up satellite workshop of the Isaac Newton Institute programme on Highly Oscillatory Problems (HOP), is concerned with theoretical, computational and application-related issues associated with solving problems of wave scattering and propagation at high frequency.

Presentations at the workshop will include but are not limited to: fast methods for computation at high frequency; asymptotics of solution behaviour; hybrid asymptotic-numerical methods; conditioning and preconditioning for high frequency problems; generalised and partition of unity finite and boundary element methods; applications.

The workshop will consist of an mixture of invited and contributed talks and at least one discussion session.

Confirmed invited participants include:

Xavier Antoine (Institut Elie Cartan de Nancy, France), Natalia Babych (Bath), Lehel Banjai (Zurich), Annalisa Buffa (Pavia), Weng Cho Chew (Illinois), Eric Darrigrand (Rennes), Victor Dominguez (Public University of Navarre, Spain), Fatih Ecevit (MPI, Leipzig), Bjorn Engquist (Austin), Mahedevan Ganesh (Colorado School of Mines), Roger Grimshaw (Loughborough), Mick Honnor (Durham), Chris Howls (Southampton), Daan Huybrechs (Leuven), Arieh Iserles (Cambridge), Shi Jin (Wisconsin), Omar Laghrouche (Heriot-Watt), David Levadoux (ONERA, Palaiseau, France), Markus Melenk (T.U. Vienna), Mosiamisi Mokgolele (Reading), Peter Monk (Delaware), Emmanuel Perrey-Debain (Université de Technologie de Compiegnè), Olof Runborg (KTH, Stockholm), Ian Sloan (New South Wales) and Jon Trevelyan (Durham).

Location, Registering, and Contributing a Paper:

The workshop will take place at the University of Reading, as an embedded sub-meeting of the Waves 2007 conference, 23-27 July 2007. Attendance at the meeting is open to all. Registration is via the Waves 2007 web-site which is open to receive contributed papers on high frequency scattering and propagation and for registration and to book accommodation.

Scientific Enquiries:

Should be sent to Professor S N Chandler-Wilde.