Wall Bounded Shear Flows: Transition and Turbulence

8 - 12 September 2008

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK

Organisers: Professor Peter Davidson (Cambridge), Professor Rich Kerswell (Bristol), Professor Hassan Nagib (Illinois Institute of Technology), Dr Tim Nickels (Cambridge) and Professor KR Sreenivasan (ICTP).

in association with the Newton Institute programme The Nature of High Reynolds Number Turbulence (26 August to 19 December 2008)

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Themes will include:

  • Shear flow as a dynamical system
  • Spatiotemporal dynamics of transition
  • The role of coherent structures
  • Near-wall and outer scale interactions
  • Scaling and universality
  • The importance of flow geometry

Speakers will include:

Ron Adrian (Arizona), Jean-Marc Chomaz (Paris), Bruno Eckhardt (Marburg), Dan Henningson (Stockholm), Javier Jimenez (Madrid), Shigeo Kida (Kyoto), John Kim (Los Angeles), Paul Manneville (Paris), Ivan Marusic (Melbourne), Tom Mullin (Manchester), Lex Smits (Princeton) and Fabian Waleffe (Madison).

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