Structures and Waves in Anisotropic Turbulence

3 November to 7 November 2008

to be held at Warwick University, Mathematics Institute, UK

Organisers: Professor P Bartello (McGill), Dr C Connaughton (Warwick), Professor P Davidson (Cambridge), Professor S Nazarenko (Warwick) and Dr A Schekochikhin (Imperial).

This workshop is a satellite event of the Newton Institute programme The Nature of High Reynolds Number Turbulence (26 August to 19 December 2008), and it is also a follow-up to the Warwick Turbulence Symposium activities.


This workshop will focus on fundamental effects in turbulence arising due to the presence of waves or structures in anisotropic media. The anisotropy of the turbulence may be caused by an external applied magnetic field, rotation or stratification. We will cover a range of application areas, from astrophysical to geophysical flows as well as laboratory experiments.


If you wish to attend this event, please register via the Mathematical Research Centre's website. (please note: all participants on the The Nature of High Reynolds Number Turbulence programme will need to register via this site.)

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