An Isaac Newton Institute Workshop

Random Matrix Theory

14 - 19 Sep 2003

Organisers: IM Davies (Swansea), L Pastur (Paris), Y Suhov (Cambridge) and A Truman (Swansea).

Supported by The European Science Foundation (ESF) through its project "Random Dynamics in Spatially Extended Systems"

in association with the Newton Institute programme entitled Interaction and Growth in Complex Stochastic System

Programme | Participants

Theme of Workshop

In recent years, new surge of activity in random matrix theory generated an exciting display of new insights, concepts and results from algebraic geometry, classical and functional analysis, combinatorics, integrable systems, number theory, operator algebras and probability, with applications in quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, statistical mechanics and condensed matter theory. The list of problems where the theory of random matrices has produced important insights includes Ulam's problem of the longest increasing subsequence in a random permutation, related problems about asymptotics of Toeplitz determinants, directed first-passage percolation, asymptotic distributions in queueing systems, random Young tableaux, partitions of natural numbers and zeroes of the Riemann Zeta-function.

Speakers Include

P. Bleher (Indianapolis); G. Blower (Lancaster); O. Bohigas (Orsay); A. Bovier (Berlin); B. Eynard (Saclay); Y. Fyodorov (London); I. Goldsheid (London); U. Haagerup (Odense); K. Johansson (Stockholm); J. Lebowitz (Rutgers); L. Pastur (Paris); E. Rains* (Princeton); A. Soshnikov (Davis); H. Spohn (Munich); V. Tchoulaevsky (Reims); A. Vershik* (St Petersburg).

(P = pending confirmation)

Location and Cost

The workshop will take place in Gregynog Hall, Wales. The accommodation for participants will be provided in single study bedrooms with shared bathrooms. The workshop package, costing 300, includes accommodation, breakfast, morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, from lunch on Sunday 14 September to lunch on Friday 19 September. A reduced package cost is available to Graduate Students and Research Students.

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