Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Introductory Workshop on Inverse Problems

25 - 29 July 2011

Organisers: Malcolm Brown (Cardiff), Matti Lassas (chair) (Helsinki) and Roland Potthast (Reading)

in association with the Newton Institute programme Inverse Problems
(25 July 2011 - 21 December 2011)

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Inverse problems research concentrates on the mathematical theory and practical interpretation of indirect measurements. Its applications can be directly implemented in interpreting the data obtained from various kinds of measurements in science and engineering.

As an example of this, inverse problems appear in medical and medical imaging, exploration geophysics, and image processing. By using the methods of inverse problems it is possible to advance a vast number of applied areas.

The aim of the introductory workshop of the Inverse Problems research programme is to provide an overview on several topics that will studied. It is intended for postgraduate students, post-docs, and researchers interested in inverse problems and the related areas.

The workshop consist of courses on analytic and geometric methods for inverse problems (courses C1 and C2), numerical aspects of inverse problems (courses C3 and C4) and on inverse problems in random medium (course C5). The lecturers on these courses are:

The workshop contains also highlighted lectures giving one hour overview on focused topics in inverse problems. These lectures will be given by:

More detailed information of the courses and of the highlighted lectures will be announced later.

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