Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Fluid-Kinetic Modelling in Biology, Physics and Engineering

6-10 September 2010

Organisers: Professor JA Carrillo (Barcelona) and Professor A Juengel (Vienna).

in association with the Newton Institute programme Partial Differential Equations in Kinetic Theories (16 August - 22 December 2010)

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This workshop will include in part general talks in Partial Differential Equations in kinetic theories and secondly will be in part devoted to new applications of kinetic modelling in the fields of mathematical biology, mathematical physics and engineering. Some of the fields to cover are: aggregation phenomena of cell and animal populations, coagulation and fragmentation processes and fluid-particles interaction models. The link between macroscopic equations and microscopic processes, multi-scale models and kinetic equations will be the objective of study. The mathematical techniques are common to general kinetic theory: entropy and energy estimates, scaling limits, simplified asymptotic equations, closures, approximated models from a global integrated view of modelling, numerics and analysis.


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