An Isaac Newton Institute Workshop

Logic and Databases

27 February - 3 March 2006

Organisers: Anuj Dawar (Cambridge) and Martin Grohe (Berlin)

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Theme of Workshop:

Logic and databases have been intimately linked since the rise of relational database systems in the 1970s. Relational databases can be modelled by finite relational structures, and first-order logic lies at the core of standard database query languages such as the Structured Query Language, SQL. As another example, closer to current research, XML documents can be modelled by labelled unranked trees, and XML query languages as logics on trees.

The workshop will focus on recent research on logical aspects of the theory of database systems. These include the applications of logic and logical methods in the study of databases as well as questions in logic that arise from this study. Particular topics of interest include the expressive power and complexity of query languages; models and languages for semi-structured data; probabilistic databases; constraint databases, etc.


Phokion Kolaitis; Leonid Libkin; Frank Neven; Nicole Schweikardt; Thomas Schwentick; Luc Segoufin; Dan Suciu; Victor Vianu.

Location and Cost:

The workshop will take place at the Newton Institute where limited accommodation is available. Three packages are available:

  • £585 (single bedroom with private bathroom and breakfast at the Arundel House Hotel (approx 10 minutes walk from the Institute),lunch and refreshments during the days that lectures take place from Sunday 26 February to Thursday 2 March 2006)

  • £140 (lunches on days that lectures take place, formal dinner and refreshments)

  • £55 (registration fee, no meals)

Please indicate on the application form which package you require.

A list of local Guest Houses are available here

Application Forms:

Are available here. Invited participants to the semester long programme whose dates coincide with those of the workshop need not apply or pay any registration fee.

Closing Date:

The closing date for the receipt of applications is 30 November 2005

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