Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Nonlinear Analysis of Continuum Theories: Statics and Dynamics (A Satellite Meeting at the University of Oxford)

8 - 12 April 2013

Workshop Organiser: John Ball (University of Oxford), Fanghua Lin (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences) and Epifanio Virga (UniversitÓ degli Studi di Pavia).

in association with the Newton Institute programme
The Mathematics of Liquid Crystals (7 January - 5 July 2013)

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This workshop will discuss recent advances in the nonlinear analysis of both static and dynamic models of liquid crystals, focussing on such issues as existence, regularity, multiplicity, asymptotic behaviour and stability of solutions, how different models are related, and the description of defects.

Invited Speakers Include:

Details with regards to the Accommodation Package and Registration Fees will be available shortly.

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