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Liquid Crystal Defects and their Geometry, Active and Solid Liquid Crystals, and Related Systems

24 - 28 June 2013

Workshop Organisers: Oleg Lavrentovich (Kent State University), Tom Lubensky (University of Pennsylvania), Antonio de Simone (SISSA) and Mark Warner University of Cambridge.

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Name Title Poster
D Beller (University of Pennsylvania) Controllably patterned smectics: Using topography to assemble arrays of focal conic domains Abstract
S Copar (University of Pennsylvania)  
M de Luca (SISSA) Numerical stretching of monodomain nematic elastomers: the effect of inhomogeneities Poster
A Fialho (Universidade de Lisboa) Donuts and twist: Cholesteric liquid crystals confined in toroidal droplets Abstract
A Humpert (University of Warwick)  
V Koning (Universiteit Leiden) Chiral symmetry breaking in toroidal liquid crystals Abstract
T Machon (University of Warwick) Knotted Nematics and Complex Singularities Abstract
O Manyuhina (NORDITA)  
E Matsumoto (Princeton University) Straight Round the Twist: Frustration and Chirality in Smectics-A Abstract
RA Mosna (Universidade Estadual de Campinas)  
A Mughal (Aberystwyth University) Scars in a Flat Geometry Poster
MC Pereira (Universidade de Lisboa) Cholesteric wetting Abstract
D Sec (Univerza v Ljubljani) Modelling of microparticles confined to nematic liquid crystal shells Poster
S Thampi (University of Oxford) Defects and Flow in Active Nematic Suspensions Abstract
A Tiribocchi (University of Edinburgh) Switching dynamics in cholesteric blue phases Poster
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