Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

School on Moduli Spaces

5 - 14 January 2011

Organisers: Professor L Brambila-Paz (CIMAT, Mexico) (Chair), Professor P Newstead (Liverpool),
Professor R Thomas (Imperial College London) and Professor O García-Prada (CSIC, Madrid)

in association with the Newton Institute programme Moduli Spaces (4 January - 1 July 2011)

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The Theory of Moduli Spaces has experienced an extraordinary development in recent decades, finding an increasing number of mathematical connections with other fields of mathematics and physics. This school is an introduction to subjects of current interest related to moduli spaces. The aim of this school is to introduce young mathematicians to the foundations of the theory, some of its major developments and tools used for its study. The school will be directed at students and researchers in mathematics and physics interested in the subject. There will be a mixture of courses and lectures, informal discussions and/or problem sessions.

Courses for the School:

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