Classical and Quantum Transport in the Presence of Disorder

15 December to 19 December 2008

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK

Organisers: YV Fyodorov (Nottingham), I Goldsheid (London), T Spencer (Princeton) and MR Zirnbauer (Cologne)

in association with the Newton Institute programme Mathematics and Physics of Anderson localization: 50 Years After (14 July to 19 December 2008)

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This is the concluding conference of the programme on localization theory. In addition to describing recent results in localization, the conference will explore some emerging connections between classical and quantum transport. The topics will include quantum localization and diffusion, random walks in a random environments, Fourier's law and the effects of nonlinearity on wave propagation.

Invited speakers include:

A Altland, E Bolthausen, J-M Combes, L Erdos, F Germinet, M Goldstein, P Hislop, J Keating, W Kirsch, F Klopp, A Kupiainen, Y Last, F Merkl, M Mueller, S Nazarenko, S Rolles, B Simon, U Smilansky, T Spencer, A-S Sznitman, V Tchoulaevski, W-M Wang, S Warzel and O Zeitouni.

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