An Isaac Newton Institute Workshop

Satellite Meeting on Stellar Dynamos

13-17 December 2004

Organisers: David Hughes (Leeds), Paul Bushby (Cambridge) Steve Cowley (UCLA)and Steven Tobias (Leeds).

In association with the Newton Institute programme entitled Magnetohydrodynamics of Stellar Interiors

Supported by the London Mathematical Society, the Royal Astronomical Society and the Newton Institute

Theme of Conference:

This conference will focus on the fundamental problem of the generation of magnetic fields in stellar interiors. Invited speakers will review recent observations of stellar magnetic fields and rotation, together with theoretical and computational advances in mean field electrodynamics, MHD turbulence, differential rotation, and the relationship between the solar, stellar and galactic dynamos.

In addition to the invited presentations by leading figures, there will be an opportunity for further shorter contributed presentations.

Confirmed invited Speakers

Steve Childress (New York), Jean-François Donati (Toulouse), Annick Pouquet (Boulder), Karl-Heinz Rädler (Potsdam), Gunther Rüdiger (Potsdam), Michael Stix (Freiburg), Jeff Valenti (STScI), Ellen Zweibel (Madison).


The workshop will take place at the University of Leeds.

Further Information and Application Forms

For initial enquiries please contact either David Hughes or Steve Tobias.

Application forms, including full details of the conference package, are now available on a dedicated Web site.

Travel and Local Information

How to get to the University of Leeds

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