An Isaac Newton Institute Workshop

Mathematical Theory of Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws

24 - 28 March 2003

Multiphase Fluid Flows and Multi-Dimensional Hyperbolic Problems

31 March - 4 April 2003

Organisers: J Ballmann (Aachen, Germany), CM Dafermos (Providence, USA) and PG LeFloch (Palaiseau, France), R LeVeque (Seattle, USA), and EF Toro (Trento, Italy)

in association with the Newton Institute programme entitled Nonlinear Hyperbolic Waves in Phase Dynamics and Astrophysics

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Main Topics of Week One

Nonlinear hyperbolic systems of conservation laws govern a broad spectrum of physical phenomena, in compressible fluid dynamics, nonlinear material science, etc. Such equations admit solutions that may exhibit shock waves and other nonlinear waves (propagating phase boundaries, fluid interfaces, etc) which play a dominant role in multiple areas of physics. Recent developments on the theory of one-dimensional systems will be covered, including: entropy conditions, L1 well-posedness, singular limits, diffusive approximations, relaxation models, kinetic relations, shock wave structure, links with thermodynamics, etc.

Main Topics of Week Two

This second week will focus on multidimensional aspects of hyperbolic conservation laws and on computational methods with applications to multiphase flows. A partial list of topics includes: existence theory for multidimensional hyperbolic equations, transonic flow models, mathematical modeling of liquid-vapor flows, numerical schemes for multiphase flows, nonconservative hyperbolic systems, real fluids, material interfaces, etc.

Partial List of Invited Speakers

J Ballmann (Aachen, Germany), Y Brenier (Nice, France), A Bressan (Trieste, Italy), G-Q Chen (Evanston, USA), SX Chen (Shanghai, PR China), D Drikakis (London, UK), SAEG Falle (Leeds, UK), H Frid (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), SK Godunov (Novosibirsk, Russia), J Greenberg (London, UK), B Keyfitz (Houston, USA), PD Lax (New York, USA), PG LeFloch (Palaiseau, France), T-P Liu (Taipei, Taiwan, and Stanford, USA), P Marcati (L'Aquila, Italy), R Menikoff (Los Alamos, USA), CS Morawetz (New York, USA), S MŁeller (Aachen, Germany), R Natalini (Rome, Italy), N Nikiforakis (Cambridge, UK), B Perthame (Paris, France), PL Roe (Ann Arbor, USA), D Serre (Lyon, France),V Shelukhin (Novosibirsk, Russia), M Slemrod (Madison, USA), E Tadmor (Washington, USA), EF Toro (Trento, Italy), K Trivisa (Washington, USA), A Tzavaras (Madison, USA), Z Xin (Hong Kong, PR China).

Poster Session

There will be an opportunity for individuals interested in participating in the scheduled Poster Session, please indicate on the online application form if you wish to take part. A short abstract together with a title will be required. Note that a limited number of posters only can be accepted.

Location and Costs

The conference will take place at the Newton Institute and accommodation for participants will be provided in single study bedrooms with shared bathroom at Wolfson Court. The workshop package, costing £360 per week or £780 for two weeks, includes accommodation, breakfast and dinner from dinner on Sunday 23 March 2003 until breakfast on Saturday 5 April 2003, and lunch and refreshments during the days that lectures take place.

Application Forms

All available funding and space on this conference has been allocated.

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