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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

New Contexts for Stable Homotopy Theory

2 Sep - 20 Dec 2002

Organisers: Professor JPC Greenlees (Sheffield), Professor HR Miller (MIT), Professor F Morel (Jussieu), Professor VP Snaith (Southampton)


9 - 13 September
A NATO ASI: Axiomatic and enriched homotopy theory
Workshop organisers: Paul Goerss and John Greenlees
16 - 20 September
A NATO ASI: Homotopy theory of geometric categories
Workshop organisers: Rick Jardine and Fabien Morel
30 September - 4 October
K-theory and arithmetic
Workshop organisers: Steve Lichtenbaum and Vic Snaith
9 - 20 December
Euroworkshop: Elliptic cohomology and chromatic phenomena & Higher chromatic phenomena
Workshop organisers: Doug Ravenel and Haynes Miller