An Isaac Newton Institute Workshop


8-12 August 2005

Organisers: Robert Ecke (Los Alamos), Alastair Rucklidge (Leeds), Harry Swinney (Austin, Texas).

Supported by the European Commission, Sixth Framework Programme - Marie Curie Conferences and Training Courses - MSCF-CT-2004-516558

In association with the Newton Institute programme entitled
Pattern Formation in Large Domains (1 August to 23 December 2005)

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Theme of Conference:

Patterns are observed in a wide variety of natural systems, including animal coat markings, cloud formations and sand dune ripples. They can also be studied in laboratory experiments, such as thermal convection in a layer of fluid heated from below, nonlinear optics, chemical reactions, surface catalysis, and the Faraday experiment of a vertically vibrating layer of fluid or sand. Remarkably, it turns out that these different systems generate very similar patterns. Advances in experimental techniques and computing power have enabled attention to be focussed on larger domains. Unexpectedly, this has led to the identification of new kinds of spatially extended structures (for example 'spiral defect chaos' and 'quasipatterns') for which theoretical understanding is very much lacking. The aim of this workshop is to bring together experimentalists and theoreticians working on pattern formation, particularly on patterns formed in large domains, with an emphasis on examining key experimental results and discussing the interesting and challenging unsolved problems.

Invited Speakers:

Guenter Ahlers (UCSB), Eberhard Bodenschatz (Gottingen/Cornell), Yves Couder (ENS, Paris), Michael Cross (Caltech), Stephan Fauve (ENS, Paris), Jay Fineberg (Jerusalem), William Firth (Strathclyde), Jerry Gollub (Haverford), Sascha Hilgenfeldt (Northwestern), Pierre Hohenberg (NYU), Edgar Knobloch (Berkeley), Herbert Levine (UCSD), Stephen Morris (Toronto), Tom Mullin (Manchester), Alan Newell (Arizona), Hans-Georg Purwins (Muenster), Stefania Residori (INLN, Nice), Michael Schatz (Atlanta, Georgia), Victor Steinberg (Weizmann Institute), Laurette Tuckerman (LIMSI, Paris), Paul Umbanhower (Northwestern), Jorge Vinals (McGill).

Location and Cost:

The Conference will take place at the Newton Institute and accommodation for participants will be provided in single study bedrooms with shared bathroom at Wolfson Court. The conference package, costing £440, includes accommodation, breakfast and dinner from dinner on Sunday 7 August 2005 to breakfast on Saturday 13 August 2005, and lunch and refreshments during the days that lectures take place. Substantial financial support is available for research students and post doctoral researchers with fewer than ten years research experience. Participants who wish to attend but do not require the Conference Package will be charged a registration fee of £35. Self-supporting participants are very welcome to apply.

Application Forms:

Are available here. Invited participants to the semester long programme whose dates coincide with those of the workshop need not apply or pay any registration fee.

Closing Date:

The closing date for the receipt of applications has been extended to 31 May 2005

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