Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Phylogenetics: New data, new Phylogenetic challenges
Follow-up Meeting

20 - 24 June 2011

Organisers: Professor V Moulton (UEA), Professor M Steel (Canterbury) and Professor T Warnow (Texas)

in association with the Newton Institute programme Phylogenetics
(3 September - 21 December 2007)

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Phylogenetic trees and networks are central to modern molecular evolutionary biology, with applications ranging from the origin of viruses (e.g. HIV, influenza) to modeling plant and animal radiations. As biologists attempt to reconstruct larger slices of the 'tree of life' using rapidly increasing amounts of complex data, and incorporating more accurate models of molecular evolution, mathematics (and its sister fields, statistics and computer science) is increasingly being seen as an essential tool.

This workshop will showcase some of the recent achievements, challenges and new problems that arise in using mathematical and computational approaches to understand molecular evolution.

The workshop is taking place at the Isaac Newton Institute, where the highly-successful "Phylogenetics" programme took place in Autumn 2007, and will provide an exciting opportunity to drive forward new and existing interdisciplinary interactions, as well as to develop novel ideas and directions in phylogenetics.

Topics will include:

Keynote speakers:

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