Focus Week

Quantum Gravity and Quantum Information

14 - 17 December 2004

Organiser: Jonathan Oppenheim (Cambridge)

This focus week is run in association with the Newton Institute programme entitled Quantum Information Science and in conjuction with the CQC

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Theme of Focus Week:

The Focus Week will explore the interface between quantum gravity, quantum information and foundations of quantum mechanics. Topics include black hole information, the measurement problem in a gravitational setting, quantum geometry, and big bang cosmology.

Invited speakers/participants:

  • Viacheslav Belavkin
  • Charlie Bennett
  • Ivette Fuentes Guridi
  • Christophe Galfard
  • Florian Girelli
  • Daniel Gottesman
  • Gerard t'Hooft
  • Louis H Kauffman
  • Seth Lloyd
  • Renate Loll
  • Fotini Markopoulou
  • Jonathan Oppenheim
  • Roger Penrose
  • Martin Plenio
  • Ralf Schuetzhold
  • John Smolin
  • Daniel Terno
  • Neil Turok
  • Bill Unruh

Further Information:


There is no registration fee but if you intend to come to the meeting please complete and return the online registration form, you will need to add the following code when completing the form (QISW05). Please ensure you submit the form no later than 6 December 2004.


There will be no lunch provided, you will need to make your own arrangements.


A list of local Guest Houses is available here.

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