Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Strongly Correlated Electron Systems

January to July 2000

Organisers: DM Edwards (Imperial), AC Hewson (Imperial), PB Littlewood (Cambridge), A Tsvelik (Oxford)

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Non-equilibrium pumped exciton condensation

17 June 2000

Organised by PB Littlewood

Workshop Timetable:

Saturday 17 June

13.00-13.45 A Mysyrowicz (Ecole Polytechnique,Paris)
Bose-Einstein condensation of excitons : dream or reality?

13.45-14.30 C Klingshirn (Karlsruhe)
Linear, nonlinear and space-time-resolved spectroscopy of the exciton
states of Cu$_2$O in the visible and IR

14.30-15.15 H Stolz (Rostock)
Time resolved light scattering from exciton-polaritons in Cu$_2$O

15.15- . Tea

15.30-16.15 L Hanke (Dortmund)
Phonon-assisted spectroscopy of high-intensity coherent polaritons in

16.15-16.45 P Eastham (Cambridge)
Bose condensation of exciton polaritons in a model microcavity

16.45-17.15 D Whittaker (Toshiba Labs, Cambridge)
A polariton phase transition in resonantly pumped semiconductor

17.15-18.00 AL Ivanov (Cardiff)
Phonon-mediated dynamical Stark effects : acoustic versus optical pump

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