Statistics of Networks Workshop

24-25 June 2010

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK

Principal Organisers: Sergey Foss (Heriot-Watt) Peter Glynn (Stanford University, USA) Rob Nowak (University of Wisconsin at Madison, USA)
Sid Resnick (Cornell University, USA) Don Towsley (University of Massachusetts at Amherst, USA)
and Darryl Veitch (University of Melbourne, Australia).

in association with the Newton Institute programme Stochastic Processes in Communication Sciences (11 January to 2 July 2010)

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Scientific theme:

This workshop is one of five workshops that will run as components of the larger Stochastic Processes in Communications Sciences programme taking place from 11 January to 2 July 2010.

This two day workshop is paired with a second related workshop on Simulation of Networks that is scheduled for Monday 21 June through Wednesday 23 June. Interested participants are encouraged to attend both workshops.

Networked systems are generating ever-richer sets of data across many engineering, economic, biological and social science disciplines. Communications networks have played a key role in the development of network science and continue to generate both many research questions and much of the data that network scientists gather.

This workshop is intended as a forum to bring together researchers with interests in this area, both as a means of communicating the current state-of-the-art and identifying important new problems and possible methods of statistical analysis.

The workshop starts on the evening of Wednesday the 23rd with a garden party and "hog roast" in conjunction with Simulation of Networks participants.

Invited speakers for the "Statistics of Networks" activity include:

Invited speakers for the Simulation of Networks workshop can be found at the Simulation of Networks website. Please note that all participants in this workshop have the option of obtaining workshop registration and accommodation for both workshops or for just the one of specific interest; details can be found above under Cost and Accommodation.

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