Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Structure Formation in the Universe

July - December 1999

Organisers: VA Rubakov (Institute for Nuclear Research, Moscow), PJ Steinhardt (Princeton), NG Turok (Cambridge)

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

UK Cosmology Meeting

24 Nov 1999


Wednesday 24 November

10.00-10.30 Registration

10.30-11.00 Coffee

11.00-11.25 N Lepora (Cambridge)
Gauge unification within the dual standard model

11.25-11.50 M Parry (Imperial)
Metric pre-heating: an overview

11.50-12.15 F Viniegra (Oxford)
Massless pre-heating

12.15-12.40 A Green (QMW)
Probing the mass function of the halo dark matter

12.40-13.05 J Weller (IC/UC Davis)
Bubbles from dark energy

13.05-14.30 Sandwich Lunch to be served in the Institute

14.30-14.55 B Carter (Meudon)
How chiral strings make larger, longer lasting vortons

14.55-15.20 C Charmousis (Durham)
Dynamics of domain walls in GR

15.20-15.45 R Battye (Cambridge)
The dynamics of Q-balls

15.45-16.15 Tea

16.15-16.40 J Magueijo (Imperial)
The status of CMB non-Gaussianity

16.40-17.05 R Bean (Imperial)
Photographing the wave-function of the universe

17.05-17.30 W Naylor (Newcastle)
Effective action for bubble nucleation rates

17.30-17.55 T Garagounis (Sussex)
Simulations of domain walls

These lectures are linked to the Isaac Newton Institute Programme on

Structure Formation in the Universe

Anyone interested is welcome to attend. A Sandwich Lunch will be available at 2 per person; please let Maureen Clark at the Institute know by 22 November 1999 if you intend to come, to help us to plan for lunch. Tel: (01223) 331539; Fax: (01223) 330508.

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